Salamanca (disambiguation)

Salamanca (disambiguation)

Salamanca may refer to:


;;Australia:*Salamanca, Tasmania, a waterfront district of Hobart

;;Chile:*Salamanca, Chile, a town in Choapa Province

;;Mexico:*Salamanca, Guanajuato, a major town in the state of Guanajuato

;;Peru:*Salamanca, Peru, a neighborhood in the district of Ate in Lima

;;Spain:*Salamanca, a city in Spain:*Salamanca (province), a province of Spain, of which the above city is the capital:*Salamanca (Madrid), a neighborhood and district in the Spanish capital

;;United States:*Salamanca (city), New York:*Salamanca (town), New York

*Battle of Salamanca, in 1812
*Antonio Salamanca, 16th century Italian print publisher
*The School of Salamanca 16th century intellectual group based in Spain
*The Marquis of Salamanca, who built in Madrid a Quarter with his name
*The Salamanca, an early railway steam locomotive in 1812
*UD Salamanca

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