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title = Gnop!

developer = Bungie Software
publisher = Bungie Software
distributor =
designer = Alex Seropian
engine =
version = 1.0
released = 1990
genre = Sports Simulation
modes =
ratings =
platforms = Mac OS
media =
requirements =
input = Keyboard and Mouse

"Gnop!" was the first computer game created and published by Bungie Studios [ [] " : Inside Bungie : History" Retrieved on 10 August 2008.] . It was a simple "Pong" clone written and released nearly 20 years after the original. The name "Gnop" is simply "Pong" spelled backwards. The game was created by Alex Seropian in 1990, almost a year before Bungie's official incorporation. The game did prove popular enough among mac gamers since the game was a free, user friendly alternative. However, some fans were willing to purchase the source code, which Bungie offered for $15 (USD).

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* [ Bungie Studios’ History] contains information about "Gnop!"
* [] free download


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