Standards Down

Standards Down

Infobox Album
Name = Standards Down
Type = Album
Artist = G.a.s. drummers

Background = brown
Released = January 18, 2006
Recorded =
Genre = Indie rock
Length =
Label = Bcore disc Producer = Paco Loco

"Standards Down" is G.a.s. Drummers 4th full length album. It was released on January 18, 2006 on Bcore disc. The album was originally going to be produced by John Agnello but the band ended up opting for their previous producer Paco Loco.

Track listing

#"Late night Conversations"
#"Back To Decadence"
#"Art Is Futile"
#"Kids In My Town"
#"July Graves"
#"July Graves"
#"Sons Of Our Time"
#"All That's Left Behind"
#"Standards Down"
#"Wak Ulysses (He's Alive And Well)
#""I Risk My Life On Every Chord"
#"The Great Seal"
#"The Death Of Emotions"
#"Urgent Statement"
#"Corporate Rock Anthems"

All songs written by G.a.s. drummers.

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