1918 VFL season

1918 VFL season

Infobox Victorian Football League season
year = 1918

imagesize =
caption =
clubs = 8
home-and-away season = 14 rounds
premiership team = South Melbourne
count = 2nd
minor premiers = South Melbourne
champion of the season = Jack Howell
top goal kicker = Ern Cowley (35)
Results and statistics for the Victorian Football League season of 1918.

Premiership season

In 1918, the VFL competition was comprised of eight teams of 18 on-the-field players each, with no "reserves", although any of the 18 players who had left the playing field for any reason could later resume their place on the field at any time during the match.

Each team played each other twice in a home-and-away season of 14 rounds.

Once the 18 round home-and-away season had finished, the 1918 VFL "Premiers" were determined by the specific format and conventions of the amended "Argus" system".

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

Round 9

Round 10

Round 11

Round 12

Round 13

Round 14

Grand Final

"See List of Australian Football League premiers for a complete list."

South Melbourne defeated Collingwood 9.8 (62) to 7.15 (57), in front of a crowd of 39,168 people. (For an explanation of scoring see Australian rules football).



* The 1918 VFL Premiership team was South Melbourne.
* The VFL's leading goalkicker was Ern Cowley of Carlton with 34 goals.
* "The Argus" newspaper's "Player of the Year", Jack P. "Chooka" Howell of South Melbourne, was declared 1918 Champion of the Season.
* Essendon took the "wooden spoon" in 1918.

Notable Events

* Essendon and St Kilda re-entered the VFL competition. The Essendon players met their own expenses and played as amateurs, with the club donating all of its 1918 profits (which amounted to £194-19-8) to "patriotic and charitable purposes".
* In round 10, an extraordinary situation arose when South Melbourne played Collingwood, Carlton played St Kilda, Fitzroy played Richmond, and Geelong played Essendon; according to their positions on the ladder at the end of round 9, the matches were (1)v(2), (3)v(4), (5)v(6), and (7)v(8).
* In round 14, Len Phillips of Essendon plays the last of his 13 senior VFL matches, having played his first VFL match for St Kilda in 1914.
**Phillips, a fast, skilful rover, and a printer by trade, played for Melbourne City Football Club (VFA) 1912-1913, Essendon Town (VFA) 1913, Richmond Football Club (VFL) 1913, Brighton Football Club (VFA), St Kilda Football Club (VFL) 1914, West Perth Football Club (WAFL) 1915-1917, Essendon Football Club (VFL) 1918, Footscray Football Club (VFA) 1919, and Hawthorn Football Club (VFA) 1920; he has the unusual distinction of playing senior football with nine clubs, eight of them in Melbourne, over eight consecutive seasons (1913-1920).


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