Lone Guides

Lone Guides

Lone Guides or Lones are those Girl Guides and Girl Scouts who do not attend group meetings for a variety of reasons. They are organised into groups that keep in touch, for example, by letter or email. Each member carries out their organisation's normal programme on their own as much as they are able. The first official Lone Guides started in 1912 in the UK. Many countries have Lone Guides.

Lone Guiding by country and organisation

Australia - Guides Australia

"Lones of the Air" talk to Guiders and other Guides on radios. [cite web| title = Guides SA Lone Guides | url = http://www.guidessa.org.au/join/lones.htm | accessdate =2006-10-02]

"Lone Satellite Guides" use a computer satellite link to keep in contact. [cite web| title = Lones Region - South Australia | url =http://salones.org.au/ | accessdate =2006-10-02]

Canada - Girl Guides of Canada Guides du Canada

Lone Guides are recorded as early as 1916 in Canada. [cite web | title = Fact Sheet - The Three Baden-Powells: Robert, Agnes and Olave | publisher = Girl Guides of Canada Guides du Canada| url = http://www.girlguides.ca/media/pdfs/14-3/| accessdate = 2006-10-02 ] Lone Brownies, Guides, Pathfinders and Senior Branches exist in most provinces.

In 1930 in Nova Scotia, the province's first Lone company was formed. cite web| title = NS Girl Guides: About History | publisher = Nova Scotia Council of the Girl Guides of Canada | url = http://www.girlguides.ns.ca/abouthist.html | accessdate = 2006-10-02 ]

Helen Kidd, a Lone Guide from Novia Scotia received the Commonwealth Prize in 1955.

New Zealand - GirlGuiding New Zealand

In New Zealand, there is a project to offer Guiding over the internet for girls between 5 and 18. [cite web| title = New Zealand Internet Guides | publisher = New Zealand Internet Guides | url = http://girlguides.palmy.net.nz/lonnz/info/index.html | accessdate = 2006-10-02 ]

United Kingdom - Girlguiding UK

Lone Guiding started in 1912. The first Lone Guide conference was held at Foxlease in 1923. In 1925, separate Lone Ranger companies were started. Lone Guiding still operates in the UK at every level.

1st Lone Company

1st Lone Company was established in 1912 by Agnes Baden-Powell. The Captain was Nesta G. Maude, the very first Guide to earn the Silver Fish award. Members of this company lived in such diverse places as England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Cyprus, Poland and Belgium. They kept in contact by a postal newsletter. There were several patrols, including the Thistle patrol.

There is record of a camp at Eridge, taking tea with Agnes Baden-Powell at her house and visits to Guide Headquarters (at that time located at 116 Victoria Street in London) in the first few years of the company's existence.

United States of America - Girl Scouts of the USA

Lones in the USA are called Juliette Girl Scouts. They were formerly known as Solo Girl Scouts. [cite web| title= Girl Scout Council of Minneapolis | publisher = Girl Scout Council of Minneapolis | url = http://www.girlscoutsmpls.org/prog_juliettes.html| accessdate = 2006-10-02]

In 2003, nearly 2% of Girl Scouts were Juliettes. [cite web| title = LEADER Magazine: Spring 2003 Highlights | publisher = Girl Scouts of the United States of America | url = http://www.girlscouts.org/for_adults/leader_magazine/2003_spring/default.asp | accessdate = 2006-10-02 ]

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