Prince Eugène-Maurice of Savoy-Carignan

Prince Eugène-Maurice of Savoy-Carignan

Eugène-Maurice of Savoy-Carignano (March 2 1635 - June 6 1673) was count of Soissons, a French general and father of Eugene of Savoy.


He was son of Thomas Francis, Prince of Carignano and Marie de Bourbon-Condé.He was grandson of Charles Emmanuel I of Savoy and Catherine Micaela of Spain, daughter of Philip II of Spain and Elizabeth of Valois, herself daughter to Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici.

He married on february 21 1657 Olimpia Mancini (1638 - 1708), a niece of cardinal Mazarin, daughter of Michele Mancini and Geronima Mazarini.

Their children are:
* Louis-Thomas (1657 - 1702), count of Soissons
* Philippe (1659 - 1693), abbot
* Louis-Jules (1660 - 1683), killed at the battle of Petronell against the Turks.
* Emanuel-Philibert (1662 - 1676), count of Dreux
* Eugène (1663 - 1736), general in the imperial army.
* Marie-Jeanne (1665 - 1705), lady of Soissons
* Louise-Philiberte (1667 - 1726), lady of Carignan
* Francoise (1668 - 1671), lady of Dreux

Life and career

Eugène-Maurice of Savoy-Carignano was born in Chambéry, Savoy.

He obtained high military posts through his wife's influence. He played a role in defeating the Spaniards at the battle of the Dunes in 1658, took part in the campaigns at Flanders (1667), Franche-Comte (1668) and Holland (1672), and was present as ambassador extraordinary of France at the coronation of Charles II of England. His wife led a scandalous life, and was accused of poisoning her husband and others.

He died at Wua in Westphalia in 1673.

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