Galen DeMarco

Galen DeMarco


caption=DeMarco (painted by Carlos Ezquerra)
character_name= Galen DeMarco
publisher=IPC Media (Fleetway) to 1999, thereafter Rebellion Developments
debut="2000 AD" #970 (1997)
creators=John Wagner
Carlos Ezquerra
previous_alliances= formerly Mega City One Justice Department (but now a private detective)|

Galen DeMarco is a fictional character in the world of Judge Dredd. She is a former street judge (final rank Sector Chief) who first appeared in the "Judge Dredd" storyline "The Pit" in "2000 AD" #970.

Fictional character biography

DeMarco was the daughter of a billionaire, who had inducted into the Academy of Law as a cadet judge. When he died she inherited his immense wealth, but chose to forgo it in order to pursue her career and her fortune was held for her in a trust.

Considered one of the most capable judges of her generation, at age 23 she was in line to rise to the rank of Senior Judge, when she instead refused promotion and requested a transfer to – of all places – Sector 301, also known as "The Pit," a notorious crime blackspot and dumping ground for judges who fouled up. She served with distinction and was part of the small cadre of completely honest officers at the largely corrupt sector house. In 2117 the then sector chief was killed in suspicious circumstances. In response Chief Judge Volt ordered the legendary Joe Dredd to take over as Sector Chief with orders to clean up the place. Dredd's hatred for the administrative side of the job was well known (he personally turned down the chief judge's chair many times to avoid it), but he went to work in his usual style. Dredd took the sector by storm and worked regularly with DeMarco until the reason she had come to 301 was revealed: she was having an affair with another judge, Judge Warren. When this was revealed, Dredd reprimanded her and dismissed her lover from the force for dereliction of duty. DeMarco escaped that fate because she had responded to an emergency call even though it meant revealing her misconduct, while Warren had not. During the massive battle between the Judges and crime syndicate the Frendz Mob that ended the storyline, Warren kidnapped DeMarco with the intent of using her money to set up a new life for himself. Instead she ended up killing him.

Sometime later Dredd led a hotdog run (training mission) into the Cursed Earth and requested DeMarco to assist him. The two worked well together. Later still she rose to sector chief of Sector 303 and found Dredd reporting to her. To his astonishment he discovered that in the interim she had fallen in love with him. Dredd uncharacteristically let this breach of regulations slide and the two parted company once more.

However Judge Edgar of the Public Surveillance Unit, who vehemently disliked Dredd, uncovered the incident and attempted to use it to prove that Dredd and DeMarco had had an unjudicial liaison. Dredd was reprimanded by the chief judge, and DeMarco chose to resign from the Justice Department rather than undergo demotion and compulsory re-education.

Thankfully Galen is heir to the DeMarco fortune which, once she left the Judges, was turned over to her: a fortune that ran to about 17 billion credits. Dredd also arranged for Galen to have a gun permit and work as a private detective so she could continue to have something to do.

During the Second Robot War of 2121 DeMarco fought bravely even though she was now a civilian. Meeting Dredd again, her love for him finally died when he again spurned her advances.

As private detective, she gained a bodyguard in urbane gorilla and former Wally Squad Judge Travis, and has formed a love-hate relationship with Jack Point.


Since appearing in "Judge Dredd" she has also appeared in her own eponymous stories in the "Judge Dredd Megazine", recounting her cases as a private detective. She is a recurring character in the "Simping Detective" strips, and has an Arcade level in the "" video game.

Appearances outside "Judge Dredd" stories include:

*"DeMarco" (by Robbie Morrison):
** "DeMarco PI" (with Laurence Campbell (pencils) and Dylan Teague (inks), in "Judge Dredd Megazine" #3.70-3.71, 2000)
** "Deep Blue Death" (with Steve Yeowell, in "Judge Dredd Megazine" #4.03-4.05, 2001)
** "The Fierce and the Furious" (with Steve Yeowell, in "Judge Dredd Megazine" #4.06-4.08, 2002)

*"The Simping Detective" (by Simon Spurrier and Frazer Irving):
** "Innocence: A Broad" (in "Judge Dredd Megazine" #224-226, 2004)
** "Fifteen" (in "Judge Dredd Megazine" #237, 2005)
** "No Body, No How" (in "Judge Dredd Megazine" #253, 2007)

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