JD Squared

JD Squared

company_name = JD Squared, Inc.
company_type = Private
foundation = 1982
location = Ocala, Florida
key_people = Robert Hughes, Owner & Chief Engineer
industry = Tube and pipe benders
homepage = [http://www.jd2.com/ www.jd2.com]

JD Squared, Inc. is a United States manufacturer of tube and pipe benders. Founded in 1982 and based in Ocala, Florida, the company has manufactured fabrication tools since 1982, starting with tube and pipe benders and later expanding to other fabrication tools. JD Squared is a privately-owned Florida corporation. Robert Hughes is the owner and Chief Engineer.


JD Squared, Inc. was originally founded under the name Hughes Performance Engineering in 1982. In 1983 they designed and released the Model 1 tube bender. The Model 1 Bender became popular because it was one of the few affordable manual tube benders on the fabricating market. However, the Model 1 Bender could only bend 90 degrees. In 1988 JD Squared released the Model 2 Tube bender with 180 degree bend capability. In 1992 the company changed it's name to JD Squared, Inc. and released the Model 3 Tube Bender.


Tools currently manufactured by JD Squared include the Model 3 Tube Bender, the Model 4 Tube Bender, TN-100 Tube Notcher, the Notch Master Tube Notcher, and the Beast Tube Notcher.

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