List of mayors of Akron, Ohio

List of mayors of Akron, Ohio

This is a list of mayors of Akron, Ohio, a city in the northeastern part of the U.S. state of Ohio.


Mayors of Akron

Term Mayor
1836 Seth Iredell
1837-1838 John C. Singletary
1839 Lucius V. Bierce
1840 Arad Kent
1841 Lucius V. Bierce (2)
1842-1843 H. H. Johnston
1844 Lucius V. Bierce (3)
1845-1846 Philo Chamberlin
1847 Levi Rawson
1848 Israel E. Carter
1849 Lucius V. Bierce (4)
1850 George Bliss
1851 Charles G. Ladd
1852 Frederick Wadsworth
1853 Philip N. Schuyler
1854 William T. Allen
1855 Nathaniel Fitch
1856-1858 Frederick A. Nash
1859 George W. McNeil
1860-1861 Henry Purdy
1862-1863 Charles A. Collins
1864 George D. Bates
1865-1866 James Matthews
1867-1868 Lucius V. Bierce (5)
1869-1872 John L. Robertson
1873-1874 Henry Purdy
1875-1876 Levi S. Herrold
1877-1878 James F. Scott
1879-1880 John M. Fraze
1881-1882 Samuel A. Lane
1883-1886 Lorenzo D. Watters
1887-1888 Louis D. Seward
1889-1892 William H. Miller
1893-1894 Lorenzo D. Watters
1895-1896 E. R. Harper
1897-1900 W. E. Young
1901-1902 W. B. Doyle
1903-1907 Charles W. Kemple
1908-1911 William T. Sawyer
1912-1915 Frank W. Rockwell
1916-1917 William J. Laub
1918-1919 I. S. Myers (1)
1920-1921 Carl F. Beck
1922 D. C. Rybolt

Administrators of Akron

Term Mayor
1922 Homer Campbell
1922-1927 M. P. Tucker

Mayors of Akron

Term Mayor Party
1928-1931 G. Lloyd Weil
1932-1933 C. Nelson Sparks
1934-1935 I. S. Myers (2)
1936-1941 Lee D. Schroy
1942-1943 George J. Harter
1944-1952 Charles E. Slusser
1953 Russell M. Bird
1954-1961 Leo A. Berg
1962-1965 Edward O. Erickson
1966-1979 John S. Ballard Republican
1980-1983 Roy L. Ray Republican
1984-1986 Thomas C. Sawyer Democratic
1987-present Donald L. Plusquellic Democratic

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