The Second Stage Turbine Blade

The Second Stage Turbine Blade

Infobox Album
Name = The Second Stage Turbine Blade
Type = Album
Artist = Coheed and Cambria

Released = February 5, 2002
Recorded = October - November 2001 at Stainglass Studio in Paramus, New Jersey
Genre = New prog
Progressive rock
Alternative rock
Length = 55:33
Label = Equal Vision, Defiance
Producer = Michael Birnbaum,
Chris Bittner
Reviews =
* "Antimusic" Rating|5|5 [ link]
* "A-" [ link]
* Allmusic Rating|3.5|5 [ link]
Last album = "Delirium Trigger"
This album = "The Second Stage Turbine Blade"
Next album = ""

"The Second Stage Turbine Blade" is the first studio album released by progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria. It was originally released on February 5, 2002 through Equal Vision Records. It is the "second" part of a projected four-part tetralogy, telling the story of The Amory Wars. It was re-released on September 20 2005 (also through Equal Vision Records) with three previously unreleased bonus tracks.

The album introduces us to Coheed and his wife Cambria. Coheed is infected with a serum that will grant him the power to destroy the universe if activated.

Sanchez's website,, sums up the story of this part:

Man and wife Coheed and Cambria are used as the centerpiece to enable Supreme Tri-Mage Wilhelm Ryan's attempt at destroying his archrival Mage, Mariah Antillarea. Due to a memory swiping years ago, the couple are led to believe that their former lives have now come back to haunt them. They’re told by General Mayo Deftinwolf (Ryan's Right hand) that they were long ago implanted with a great threat to Heaven’s Fence, The Monstar Virus. A virus with the ability to turn its host (Coheed) into a being powerful enough to drain the Keywork's energy sources to spark Armageddon, while their dear old counterpart, Inferno was given the only means to unlock it. Through more lies, they are led to believe their children have genetically acquired a mutated form of the virus, the Sinstar. This new strain only requires its host to mature to a certain age, and has no antidote unlike the Monstar. Their children cannot be saved and time will not side with them. Coheed and Cambria are faced with an unimaginable dilemma: to murder their own children or face Armageddon.

Track listing

# "Second Stage Turbine Blade" – 0:52
# "Time Consumer" – 5:41 (ft. Dr. Know)
# "Devil in Jersey City" – 4:47
# "Everything Evil" – 5:50
# "Delirium Trigger" – 4:47
# "Hearshot Kid Disaster" – 5:40
# "33" – 3:29
# "Junesong Provision" – 5:20
# "Neverender" – 5:22
# "God Send Conspirator" – 13:45 (includes the hidden track "IRO-Bot" - 7:47)::"All songs written by Coheed and Cambria."

Re-release track listing

"The Second Stage Turbine Blade" was re-released by Equal Vision Records on September 20th, 2005, with three bonus tracks.

# "Second Stage Turbine Blade" – 0:52
# "Time Consumer" – 5:41
# "Devil in Jersey City" – 4:47
# "Everything Evil" – 5:50
# "Delirium Trigger" – 4:47
# "Hearshot Kid Disaster" – 5:40
# "33" – 3:29
# "Junesong Provision" – 5:20
# "Neverender" – 5:22
# "God Send Conspirator" – 6:32
# "Elf Tower New Mexico" – 6:03
# "Junesong Provision" (Acoustic Demo) – 5:33
# "Everything Evil" (Demo) – 13:37 (includes the hidden track "IRO-Bot"- 7:26)::"All songs written by Coheed and Cambria."


*The brief sound clip at the beginning of Junesong Provision (Acoustic Demo) (re-release only) is a famous line from cult classic Sam Raimi film "Army of Darkness", in which Bruce Campbell refers to his shotgun as his "boomstick."
*The short piano interlude at the end of the tracks "Everything Evil" and "God Send Conspirator" is later used in "The Ring in Return" and "The Light & The Glass" from the album , and "Keeping the Blade" on . The interlude is regarded by fans to indicate a passing of time in the story of the Amory Wars.
*The hidden track "IRO-Bot" is placed at the end of the demo version of "Everything Evil" on the 2005 re-release, instead of the end of "God Send Conspirator". The end of "21:13" found on "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" is a reprise of this song. "21:13" also reprises the opening riff of "Time Consumer".


*Claudio Sanchez - vocals, guitar
*Josh Eppard - drums, piano
*Michael Todd - bass, vocals
*Travis Stever - guitar
*Michael Birnbaum - production, mixing
*Chris Bittner - production, mixing
*Jayson Dezuzio - recording, pre-production
*Roger Lian - mastering
*Nate Kelley - drums (on "Delirium Trigger" and "33")
*Dr. Know - guitar (on "Time Consumer")
*Todd Martin - recording (on "Delirium Trigger" and "33")
*Montana Masback - additional vocals (on "Hearshot Kid Disaster")

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