List of passports

List of passports

The following is a list of passports:

By country and territory

*flagicon|AFG Afghan passport
*flagicon|ALB Albanian passport
*flagicon|AUS Australian passport
*flagicon|AUT Austrian passport
*flagicon|AZE Azerbaijani passport
*flagicon|ARG Argentine passport
*flagicon|ARM Armenian passport
*flagicon|Bahamas Bahamian passport
*flagicon|BLR Belarusian passport
*flagicon|BEL Belgian passport
*flagicon|BIZ Belizean passport
*flagicon|BIH Bosnian passport
*flagicon|BRA Brazilian passport
*flagicon|GBR British passport
*flagicon|BRU Bruneian passport
*flagicon|BUL Bulgarian passport
*flagicon|CAN Canadian passport
*flagicon|CHI Chilean passport
*flagicon|PRC Chinese passport
*flagicon|COL Colombian passport
*flagicon|CRC Costa Rican passport
*flagicon|HRV Croatian passport
*flagicon|CUB Cuban passport
*flagicon|CYP Cyprus passport
*flagicon|CZE Czech passport
*flagicon|DNK Danish passport
*flagicon|DOM Dominican Republic passport
*flagicon|NLD Dutch passport
*flagicon|EGY Egyptian passport
*flagicon|EST Estonian passport
*flagicon|FIN Finnish passport
*flagicon|FRA French passport
*flagicon|GEO Georgian passport
*flagicon|GRE Greek passport
*flagicon|GER German passport
*flagicon|GUA Guatemalan passport
*flagicon|HON Honduran passport
*flagicon|HKG Hong Kong SAR passport
*flagicon|HUN Hungarian passport
*flagicon|ISL Icelandic passport
*flagicon|IND Indian passport
*flagicon|IDN Indonesian passport
*flagicon|IRN Iranian passport
*flagicon|IRL Irish passport
*flagicon|ISR Israeli passport
*flagicon|ITA Italian passport
*flagicon|JPN Japanese passport
*flagicon|KAZ Kazakh passport
*flagicon|PRK Korea, North passport
*flagicon|KOR Korea, South passport
*flagicon|Kosovo Kosovan passport
*flagicon|LAT Latvian passport
*flagicon|LBN Lebanese passport
*flagicon|LIE Liechtensteiner passport
*flagicon|LTU Lithuanian passport
*flagicon|MAC Macau passport
*flagicon|MKD Macedonian passport
*flagicon|MAS Malaysian passport
*flagicon|MLT Maltese passport
*flagicon|MUS Mauritian passport
*flagicon|MEX Mexican passport
*flagicon|MDA Moldavian passport
*flagicon|MNE Montenegrin passport
*flagicon|NAM Namibian passport
*flagicon|NZL New Zealand passport
*flagicon|NOR Norwegian passport
*flagicon|NGR Nigerian passport
*flagicon|PAN Panamanian passport
*flagicon|PAR Paraguayan passport
*flagicon|PAK Pakistani passport
*flagicon|PER Peruvian passport
*flagicon|PHI Philippine passport
*flagicon|POL Polish passport
*flagicon|POR Portuguese passport
*flagicon|ROU Romanian passport
*flagicon|RUS Russian passport
*flagicon|VIN Saint Vincentian Passport
*flagicon|SLV Salvadoran passport
*flagicon|SRB Serbian passport
*flagicon|SYC Seychellois passport
*flagicon|SGP Singapore passport
*flagicon|SVK Slovakian passport
*flagicon|SLO Slovenian passport
*flagicon|RSA South African passport
*flagicon|ESP Spanish passport
*flagicon|SWE Swedish passport
*flagicon|CHE Swiss passport
*flagicon|SYR Syrian passport
*flagicon|THA Thailand passport
*flagicon|ROC Republic of China passport (Taiwan)
*flagicon|TUR Turkish passport
*flagicon|UKR Ukrainian passport
*flagicon|USA United States passport
*flagicon|URU Uruguyan passport
*flagicon|UZB Uzbek passport
*flagicon|VEN Venezuelan passport
*flagicon|VNM Vietnamese passport

By type

*Biometric passport
*Machine-readable passport
*Internal passport

pecial passports

* Camouflage passport
* Hajj passport
* World Passport
* Nansen passport
* Laissez-passer
* Alien's passport
* National Park passport (US)

See also

* European passport


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