Bong (disambiguation)

Bong (disambiguation)

Bong may refer to:
* Bong, a device used for smoking cannabis, tobacco, or other substances
*The sound of Big Ben chiming on ITN's Ten O'clock news have been called "the Bongs" []
* Bong is a slang for a person from West Bengal, short for Bengali (as in the film The Bong Connection)
* Beer bong, a device used for rapidly ingesting large quantities of beer or other beverage
* Bong Coo, a Filipino bowler
* Bong cooler, a cooling device
* Bong County, Liberia
* Doctor Bong, a fictional character from the Marvel Comics universe
* Bong game, a radio game show
* Bong Joon-ho, a South Korean film director and screenwriter
* Jung Keun Bong, a Korean professional baseball player
* Bong-Ra, a Dutch breakcore musician
* Bong Revilla, a Filipino actor and politician
* Richard Bong, American aviator and flying ace, and namesake of
** Richard Bong State Recreation Area, in Wisconsin, USA
** Richard I. Bong Memorial Bridge, a bridge connecting Duluth, Minnesota with Superior, Wisconsin via U.S. Highway 2.
* Bung Bong, Victoria, in Australia
* Bong (Arcen en Velden), in the Netherlands
* Bong (Maasbree), in the Netherlands

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