Kazan Operation

Kazan Operation

Infobox Military Conflict

caption=The Red Army marching in Kazan after the victory
conflict=Kazan Operation
partof=Russian Civil War
place=Kazan, Soviet Russia
date= 5 September 191810 September 1918
result=Decisive Red Army victory
combatant1= Red Army
*Red Latvian Riflemen
combatant2= White Army
*KomUch People's Army
*Czechoslovak Legion
population of Kazan [ru icon [http://www.russia-talk.com/latyshi.htm#t14 Латышские Стрелки:СРАЖЕНИЕ ЗА КАЗАНЬ] ]
commander1=Peter Slaven
Fyodor Raskolnikov
Woldemar Azin
Nikolay Markin
commander2=P. A. Stepanov
Josef Švec

Kazan Operation was a Red Army's offensive against Czechoslovak Legion and KomUch People's Army during Russian Civil War on 5–10 September 1918.

In August, 1918, Czechoslovak Legion occupied Kazan. Bolshevik forces were defeated and dispersed in Kazan's neighborhood. Whites shot the rest of Bolsheviks in the city.

At the beginning of the operation, the Reds' disposition as follows. To the west of Kazan: 5th Army of the Eastern Front under Peter Slaven, Volga Flotilla under Fyodor Raskolnikov; to the east of Kazan: Arsk group of the 2nd Army under Woldemar Azin. They opposed Czechoslovak legion and KomUch People's Army under A. P. Stepanov.

On September 7, the Right Bank Group of the 5th Army with the flotilla's backing reached the bank of Volga and shelled Kazan from the commanding eminence Oslan Hill. The Left Bank Group reached the mouth of the Kazanka River. That day Arsk Group took Kinderle and Klyki villages to the east of Kazan. On September 9, sailors and landed marksmen under Nikolay Markin took the beachhead at the western part of Kazan. At that day the Left Bank Group and Arsk Group joined and took Kazan into the partly siege. September 10, after the storm from three directions Kazan was finally took under the Red control. [TES| Qazannı azat utü operasiäse/Казаны азат итү операциясе]

The majority of Whites were managed to sail away by the Volga. Before the Czechoslovak offensive Bolsheviks tried to evacuate the gold reserves, that were kept in Kazan Bank, but due the fast offensive of Czechoslovaks they hadn't time to do it. However, Whites drove away the gold reserves and they disappeared. The route of the gold has been a matter of much research and speculation.

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