The TRACKER Network UK is a vehicle tracking system used for recovering stolen vehicles in the United Kingdom.

The TRACKER's stolen vehicle recovery system is operated by all of the UK's 52 police forces. Police aircraft and several police vehicles in each force are fitted with police tracking computers, which pick up radio signals emitted from the stolen vehicle. Tracker network now offer various different models of Tracking unit to its private retail customers, the Tracker Retrieve, Tracker Monitor, Tracker Horizon and more recently the Tracker Response was added. The lead time for having a Tracker unit fitted is seven to ten working days.The Tracker Reporter is used for fleet vehicle tracking and users can look at where their vehicle is using the internet and by logging on to

The Tracker Network office is located in Uxbridge.

The average time that it takes the police to recover a TRACKER activated vehicle is just 4 and a half hours.Fact|date=October 2007

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