Uniform polyhedron compound

Uniform polyhedron compound

A uniform polyhedron compound is a polyhedral compound whose constituents are identical (although possibly enantiomorphous) uniform polyhedra, in an arrangement that is also uniform: the symmetry group of the compound acts transitively on the compound's vertices.

The uniform polyhedron compounds were first enumerated by John Skilling in 1976, with a proof that the enumeration is complete. The following table lists them according to his numbering.


* John Skilling, "Uniform Compounds of Uniform Polyhedra", Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society, Vol. 79, pp. 447-457, 1976.

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* http://www.interocitors.com/polyhedra/UCs/ShortNames.html - "Bowers style acronyms" for uniform polyhedron compounds

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