Strong may refer to:

General usage

*Strong acid
*Strong agnosticism
*Strong AI
*Strong atheism
*Strong cardinal
*Strong coloring
*Strong convergence
*Strong CP problem
*Strong cryptography
*Strong inflection (linguistics):*Germanic strong verb
*Strong interaction (Strong force)
*Strong key
*Strong language
*Strong operator topology
*Strong priors
*Strong program
*Strong RSA assumption
*Strong symptoms
*Tensile strength, a concept in materials science

ignal Detection and Perception

*Strong (relative detectability)
*Strong (source)

Famous people

trong (surname)

*Anna Louise Strong (1885–1970), American journalist and author on the Soviet Union and China
*Barrett Strong (1941—), American Motown singer and songwriter
*Brenda Strong (1958—), American actress
*Caleb Strong (1745–1819), American politician, Massachusetts statesman
*Danny Strong (1974—), American actor
*George V. Strong (1880–1946), American army general
*George Strong (VC) (c. 1836– [?] ), English recipient of the Victoria Cross
*George Templeton Strong (1820-1875), American lawyer and diarist
*George Templeton Strong (1856-1948), American composer
*Gwyneth Strong (1959—), British actress
*Henry Strong (18??–1919), American businessman, president of the Eastman Kodak Company 1884–1919
*Henry Strong (ATSF) (19th century), American railroad man
*Jamal Strong (1978—), American professional baseball player
*James Strong (theologian) (1822-1894), American Methodist biblical scholar, creator of Strong's Concordance
*James Hooker Strong (1814–1882), American US Navy admiral
*John Franklin Alexander Strong (1856–1929), American politician, Governor of Alaska Territory 1913–1918
*Joseph Dwight Strong (1852-1899), American painter
*Josiah Strong (1847–1916), American clergyman and author
*Ken Strong (1906–1979), American professional football player
*Leonard Strong (1797-1874), Rector of St. Matthew's Parish, British Guiana, later founder of Plymouth Brethren in British Guiana
*Leonard Strong (1896–1958), English writer, novelist, journalist, and poet
*Maurice Strong (1929—), Canadian industrialist, Secretary-General of the UN Earth Summit
*Nathan Leroy Strong (1859-1939), US congressman from Pennsylvania
*Rider Strong (1979—), American actor
*Roy Strong (1935—), English arts curator, writer, broadcaster and garden designer
*Samuel Henry Strong (1825–1909), Canadian judge, Chief Justice of Canada
*Shiloh Strong (contemporary), American actor
*Tara Strong (1973—), Canadian voice actress
*William Strong (1763-1840), American congressman and judge from Vermont
*William Strong (judge) (1808–1895), American jurist, associate justice of the United States Supreme Court
*William Barstow Strong (1837–1914), American railroad executive
*William Duncan Strong (1899–1962), American archaeologist and anthropologist
*William L. Strong (1827–1900), American politician, mayor of New York City 1895–1897

trong (descriptive name)

*Magnus the Strong (1106–1134), Danish prince, pretender to the throne
*Robert the Strong ( [?] –866), French nobleman
*Styrbjörn the Strong (c. 960–c. 984), Viking hero in the old Norse sagas

trong (given name)

*Strong Vincent (1837-1863), Union general during the American Civil War, killed at the Battle of Gettysburg

Fictional persons

*Ale the Strong, character in Norse mythology
*Strong Bad, character in the fictional world of Homestar Runner
*Strong Mad, character in the fictional world of Homestar Runner
*Strong Sad, character in the fictional world of Homestar Runner
*Tom Strong, character in a comic book series for America’s Best Comics
*Captain Strong, a character in the video game EarthBound.
*Mr. Strong, a Mr. Men character.

Place names

Strong is also the name of several place in the United States:
*Strong, Arkansas
*Strong, Maine
*Strong, Mississippi
*Strong City, Kansas
*Strong City, Oklahoma


*"Christopher Strong", 1933 American film starring Katharine Hepburn
*"Strong Medicine", television series on the Lifetime network
*"Strong's Concordance", concordance of the King James Bible
*Strong Memorial Hospital, hospital at University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, New York, USA
*Strong - National Museum of Play, museum in Rochester, New York, USA
*"Strong Poison", 1931 novel by Dorothy L. Sayers
*USS "Strong" (DD-467), destroyer of the US Navy (1942–1943)
*USS "Strong" (DD-758), destroyer of the US Navy (1945–1973)
*, an HTML element
*"Strong" (album), a 2004 album by Tracy Lawrence
*Strong Interest Inventory, a popular psychological test for career guidance or assessment

ee also

* Stronger (disambiguation)
* Strength (disambiguation)

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