Single carriageway

Single carriageway

Single carriageway is the British designation for the most common type of road; one with no physical separation ("central reservation") between opposing flows of traffic.

It usually has two or more marked traffic lanes, one in each direction, although narrow rural roads and residential streets may have no markings. A one-way street is, by definition, also a single-carriageway.

A road with no central reservation is a single carriageway regardless of the number of lanes of traffic in each direction.

Until 2006, the UK had one single carriageway motorway, the A6144(M). However, in 2006 it lost its motorway status.

peed Limits

The national speed limit applies on single carriageways (unless it is in a 'built up area', or a lower limit is posted), which is as follows:

"Note: 60 mph ≈ 95 km/h, 50 mph ≈ 80 km/h, 40 mph ≈ 65 km/h"


The term single carriageway is also used for roads in the Republic of Ireland. Speed limits on single carriageway roads vary depending on their classification: national primary roads and national secondary roads have a general speed limit of 100km/h while regional roads and local roads have a general speed limit of 80km/h.

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