South Carolina House of Representatives

South Carolina House of Representatives

The South Carolina House of Representatives is the lower house of the South Carolina General Assembly, the upper house being the South Carolina Senate. It consists of 124 Representatives elected to two year terms at the same time US Congressional elections. Unlike many legislatures, seating on the floor is not divided by party, but is arranged by county delegation.

Make-up of the House of Representatives


Robert W. Harrell, Jr. (R-114) is the Speaker of the House. W. Douglas "Doug" Smith (R-32) is the Speaker Pro Tempore. James H. Merrill (R-99) is the Majority Leader, and Harry L. Ott, Jr. (D-93) is the Minority Leader. []

Past Make-up of the House of Representatives

(a) 21 were members of the Union Reform Party of South Carolina and the other 3 were Independents from Anderson. Two of the Union Reform members from Chesterfield were later replaced by Republicans from a resolution passed in the House. (b) All 33 were members of the Conservative Party of South Carolina.


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