List of nuclear power plants of Europe and CIS

List of nuclear power plants of Europe and CIS

This is a list of nuclear power plants of Europe and CIS.

European Union


*Zwentendorf was completed in 1978 but after a public vote it was never filled with nuclear fuel and never started-up


* Mol (BR-3) - PWR reactor (shut down)
* Nuclear Plant Doel - 4x PWR reactors, total power of 2839 MWe
* Nuclear Plant Tihange - 3x PWR reactors, total power of 2985 MWe



**Belleville - 2 reactors 1310 MWe each
**Bugey - 4 reactors
**Cattenom - 4 reactors 1300 MWe each, near the Luxembourg and German borders
**Chinon - 4 reactors
**Chooz-B - 2 reactors 1455 MWe each
**Civaux - 2 reactors 1455 MWe each
**Cruas - 4 reactors
**Dampierre - 4 reactors 890 MWe each
**Fessenheim - 2 reactors 880 MWe each - oldest PWR reactors in France still in commercial operation
**Flamanville - 2 reactors 1330 MWe each
**Golfech - 2 reactors
**Gravelines - 6 reactors 910 MWe each
**Le Blayais - 4 reactors
**Nogent-sur-Seine - 2 reactors 1300 MW each
**Paluel - 4 reactors 1330 MWe each
**Penly - 2 reactors
**Phénix - 1 reactor 233 MWe
**Saint Alban - 2 reactors
**Saint Laurent des Eaux - 2 reactors
**Tricastin - 4 reactorstotal 59 operating reactors
*In construction
**Flamanville - 1 reactor 1630 MWe
EDF is building the first EPR reactor there.
*No longer operating
**Bugey - 1 reactor
**Chinon - 3 reactors
**Chooz-A - 1 reactor - 310 MWe - first PWR reactor in Europe (1967), managed by SENA ("Société d'énergie nucléaire franco-belge des Ardennes").
**Marcoule - 3 reactors
**Monts d'Arrée - 1 reactor - 70 MWe - EL-49, heavy water reactor, only one of its kind in France, in Brennilis, Brittany
**Saint Laurent des Eaux - 2 reactors
**Superphénix, Creys-Malville - 1 reactor
**Le Carnet
**Thermos, a 50-100 MW reactor for the urban heating of Grenoble



*Ignalina nuclear power plant:*Ignalina-1, 1500 MW RBMK, operational 1984-2004, shut down per EU demand:*Ignalina-2, 1360 MW RBMK, scheduled to be shut down in 2009.


*Borssele - 481 MWe PWR
*Dodewaard - 55 MWe BWR (shut down 1997)


* Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant
** Cernavodă-1 PHWR CANDU reactor 700 MW
** Cernavodă-2 PHWR CANDU reactor 700 MW (commencing production in 2007)


United Kingdom

*Berkeley, Gloucestershire de-commissioned
*Bradwell, Essex (Generation ceased in 2002, defuelled by September 2005)
*Calder Hall, Sellafield, Cumbria (Generation ceased in 2003)
*Chapelcross, Dumfries and Galloway (Generation ceased in June 2004)
*Dungeness A, Kent 2x 223 MW Magnox operational 1965-2006
*Dungeness B, Kent 2x 600 MW AGR 1200 total
*Hartlepool, Hartlepool 2x 1575 AGR 3150 MW total
*Heysham Power Stations, Lancashire 2x 1245 AGR 2490 MW total
*Hinkley Point, Somerset (Ceased operations in 2000, defuelled by September 2005)
*Hinkley Point B, Somerset
*Hunterston A, North Ayrshire (Generation ceased 1990)
*Hunterston B, North Ayrshire
*Oldbury, Gloucestershire (Generation due to cease end of 2008)
*Sizewell A, Suffolk (Generation due ceased end 2006)
*Sizewell B, Suffolk 1195 MW PWR
*Torness, East Lothian 2x 1364 MW AGR 2728 MW total
*Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd (Generation ceased 1991)
* Winfrith, Dorchester, DorsetSGHWR (ceased operation in 1990)
*Wylfa, Anglesey (Generation due to cease at end of 2010)


*Metsamor Nuclear Power Plant
**Armenia-1 440 MW VVER operational 1976-1989, shut down after Spitak earthquake
**Armenia-2 440 MW VVER connected to grid 1980


*Aktau (Kazakhstan State Corporation for Atomic Power and Industry)
**BN-350 135 MWe reactor operational 1958-1999


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