Military of Djibouti

Military of Djibouti
Military of Djibouti
Coat of arms of Djibouti.svg
Coat of arms of Djibouti
Founded 1977
Service branches Air Force
Military age 15
Available for
military service
106,287, age 15–49 (2000 est.)
Fit for
military service
62,496, age 15–49 (2000 est.)
Active personnel 11,000[1]
Budget $29.05 million (2005 est.)[2]
Percent of GDP 4.3% (2005 est.)[2]
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The Military of Djibouti consists of the Djibouti National Army (includes Navy and Air Force).



A Djiboutian Army commander.

The Military of Djibouti is officially referred to as the Djibouti Armed Forces (Forces Armees Djiboutiennes, FAD). It includes the Djibouti National Army, which consists of the Coastal Navy, the Djiboutian Air Force (Force Aerienne Djiboutienne, FAD), and the National Gendarmerie (GN).[3]

The first war which involved the Djiboutian armed forces, was the Djiboutian Civil War between the Djiboutian government, supported by France, and the Front for the Restoration of Unity and Democracy (FRUD). The war lasted from 1991 to 2001, although most of the hostilities ended when the moderate factions of FRUD signed a peace treaty with the government after suffering an extensive military setback when the government forces captured most of the rebel-held territory. A radical group continued to fight the government, but signed its own peace treaty in 2001. The war ended in a government victory, and FRUD became a political party.

Djibouti has fought in clashes against Eritrea over the Ras Doumeira peninsula, which both countries claim to be under their sovereignty. The first clash occurred in 1996 after a nearly two-months stand-off. In 1999, a political crisis occurred when both sides accused each other for supporting its enemies. In 2008, the countries clashed again when Djibouti refused to return Eritrean deserters and Eritrea responded by firing at the Djiboutian forces. In the following battles, some 44 Djiboutian troops and some estimated 100 Eritreans were killed.

Foreign military within Djibouti


France's 13th Foreign Legion Demi-Brigade and 5e RIAOM are currently stationed in Djibouti.

United States of America

There is also Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa, a U.S. force of more than 3,500, currently deployed in the country at Camp Lemonnier.[4]


Currently, approximately 170 soldiers of the JGSDF and the JMSDF are currently stationed in Djibouti, with their base and naval port recently opening in July 2011.[5][6] JSDF soldiers are based in the "Japanese Facility for Counter-Piracy Mission in Djibouti." and are planned to be based in Djibouti for 10 years as a relay station for any JSDF deployment in East Africa.[7][6]


Sign outside the Ministry of Defense main base in Djibouti.

Armoured vehicles

42 T-72 125mm MBT (from Yemen TBD) (Russia)
60 AMX-13/90 90mm LT (OUT OF SERVICE) (France)
12 Ratel-90 90mm 6x6 ARVs (South Africa)
6 AML-60 (France)
18 AML-90 (France)
10 BTR-80 8x8 APCs (Russia)
10 BTR-70 8x8 APCs (USSR)
15 BTR-60 - including 1 fitted with 90 mm (AML-90) gun in French (Panhard AML) (AML-245) turret. (USSR) (FRA)
14 M1043 HMMWV with (Mk 19) Dot-III 40mm AGL 4x4 APCs (USA)
24 ACMAT VLRA TPK 4.20 (France)
15 Véhicule Blindé Léger (France)
9 Casspir MK-III (refurbished SANDF units) (South Africa)

Djibouti army use a D-30 122mm howitzer.


4 BM-21 Grad 122mm MRLs (USSR)
6 Type 63 multiple rocket launcher 107mm (China)
12 D-30 122mm howitzer (USSR)
6 OTO Melara Mod M56 105mm pack howitzer (Italy)
20 Brandt MO-120RT-61 120mm heavy mortar (France)
25 Brandt MO-81 81mm medium mortar (France)
Brandt M0-60 60mm light mortar (France)

Light weapons

14 Mk 19 Mod 3 40mm AGL (USA)
100 APILAS light ATRL (France)
24 LARC-89 light ATRL (France)
50 RPG-7 (USSR)
16 M40A1 106mm RCLs (USA)
5 M-693\53-T-2 20mm AAGs (France)
5 ZU-23-2 23mm twin-gun AAGs (USSR)
5 Bofors L-70 40mm AAGs (Sweden)

Unarmoured vehicles

2 M997 Ambulance (USA)
13 Landrover Defender (UK)
4 Mercedes Benz G-Wagen (Germany)
14 Toyota Land Cruiser (Japan)
4 Unimog (Germany)
10 Reo M-35A-2 (USA)
4 TRM-150 (USSR)
3 Ural trucks (Russia)

Small arms

24x Bereta Mod92FS (Italy)
Mle 50\D (France)
PA-15S (France)
MAC-50 (France)
MAT-49 (France)
FN FAL (Belgium)
400x FAMAS F-1 (France)
50x Colt M4A1\R-979 (USA)
2,300x Colt M16A4 (USA)
4 xM-700\M24SW (USA) S
AK-47 Kalashnikov (USSR)
Type-56 (China)
SG-540 (Swiss)
Model-58 (Hungary)
H&K G-3A-3 (Germany)
IMI Galil AR (Israel)
Aug AI Steyr (Austria)
AA-52\AAT-NF-1 Char No1\AA-52FM (France)
FN-MAG T-2 60-20 (Belgium)
15x PKTM 7.62mm (USSR)
15x KPV 14.5mm (USSR)
14x Browning M2HB 12.7mm (USA)
NSV 12.7mm (USSR)
6 Type 85 HMG (China)
Colt M203 (USA)


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