Lyons (surname)

Lyons (surname)

Lyons is a common surname. People called Lyons include:

* Algernon McLennan Lyons (1833–1908), prominent figure in the Royal Navy who rose to become Admiral of the Fleet
* Andy Lyons (born 1982), Accountant
* Barry Lyons (born 1960), right-handed hitting catcher in Major League Baseball
* Charlton Lyons (1894–1973), Shreveport oilman and politician
* Claire Lyons, fictional character
* Cliff Lyons, Australian rugby league player
* Dana Lyons, folk music and alternative rock musician
* Daniel Lyons, senior editor at Forbes magazine
* Danny Lyons (1860–1888), leader of the Whyos street gang
* David Lyons, Australian rugby player
* Darryn Lyons, Australian paparazzo
* Deb Lyons, singer/songwriter from the Jersey Shore
* Denis Lyons (born 1935), retired Irish Fianna Fáil party politician and former junior minister in the Irish government
* Edmund Lyons, 1st Baron Lyons (1790–1858), Rear Admiral of the Royal Navy and diplomat
* Edmund Moubray Lyons (1819–1855), second son of Rear Admiral Sir Edmund Lyons
* Edward Lyons (born 1926), British politician
* Dame Enid Lyons (1897–1981), wife of Joseph Lyons
* Ernest Lyons
* Eugene Lyons
* F. S. L. Lyons (1923–1983), Irish historian
* Gene Lyons
* George Lyons (1761–1815), Lancashire-born gentleman highwayman in Britain
* Hall M. Lyons (1923–1998), Shreveport and Lafayette, Louisiana oilman
* Henry Lyons (born 1942), President of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc. from 1994 to 1999
* Henry A. Lyons (1809?–1872), 2nd Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California
* Henry George Lyons (1864–1944), geologist and director of the Science Museum in London
* Humphrey Lyons (1802–1873), father of Algernon McLennan Lyons
* Jack Lyons (born 1916), retired British financier and philanthropist
* Jack Lyons (cricketer)
* Jeff Lyons All-State Football, South Portland, Maine, and Owner/Captain, Island Time Charters, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina
* Jeffrey Lyons Entertainment reporter for WNBC in New York City and host of Sneak Previews and The Lyons Den.
* Jennifer Lyons (born 1977), American actress
* Jimmy Lyons (1931–1986), alto saxophone player
* John Lyons (UK politician) (born 1949), Labour Party politician in the United Kingdom
* John Lyons of Antigua (1760–1816), Antiguan politician
* John Lyons (VC) (1823–1967), Irish soldier in the British army, recipient of the Victoria Cross
* John Lyons (actor), British actor
* John Lyons (linguist) (born 1932), a British linguist famous for his work on semantics
* Jonathon Lyons
* Joseph Lyons, former Prime Minister of Australia
* Katie Lyons
* Laura Lyons
* Leo Lyons
* Lorenzo Lyons
* Louis M. Lyons
* Mark Thomas Lyons Professional Global Electronics Broker (1982)
* Marty Lyons
* Monte Lyons, b 1963 - military aviation manager
* Sir Michael Lyons, former Local Government Chief Executive and Professor of Public Policy
* Mick Lyons(footballer(Soccer))
* Nancy Lyons
* Ned Lyons
* Oren Lyons
* Richard Lyons, 1st Viscount Lyons
* Robbie Lyons
* Robert Fern Lyons
* Roger Lyons
* Ron Lyons
* Ruth Lyons, fictional character
* Samuel Lyons (Australian politician)
* Steve Lyons (writer), British writer
* Steve Lyons (baseball), baseball player and announcer
* Steve Lyons (meteorologist), meteorologist for The Weather Channel
* Susan Lyons
* Susybelle Lyons, socialite and philanthropist
* Ted Lyons, baseball starting pitcher and manager
* Thomas Lyons,
* Timothy (Tim) Lyons, Computer Security / Forensics Professional
* Tommy Lyons, Gaelic Football manager
* Thomas Lewis Lyons (Tommy), football player at the University of Georgia and for the Denver Broncos
* Virginia V. Lyons
* William Lyons

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