Montenegrins of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Montenegrins of Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the 1991 census, there were 10,071 ethnic Montenegrins in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is no data on Montenegrins (nationality or ethnically) in the present because of their identification as either Orthodox Serb or Catholic Croat of origin in Montenegro.


  • 1948 Census: 3,094 (0.1% of total population)
  • 1953 Census: 7,336 (0.3% of total population)
  • 1961 Census: 12,828 (0.4% of total population)
  • 1971 Census: 13,021 (0.3% of total population)
  • 1981 Census: 14,114 (0.3% of total population)
  • 1991 Census: 10,071


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