Adela of Flanders

Adela of Flanders

Adela of Flanders (c. 1064-1115) was a mediaeval Danish Queen and Italian Duchess and regent, Queen Consort of King Canute IV of Denmark, and Duchess consort of Duke Roger Borsa of Apulia, and then minor regent of Apulia in 1111-1115 as mother and guardian of William II of Apulia. Mother of Charles the Good of Flanders.


Adela was born the daughter of Robert I, Count of Flanders, and Gertrude of Holland. She married king Canute IV of Denmark in 1080 with whom she had a son, the later Charles the good. When Canute was assassinated in 1086, she fled with her son to Flanders. She stayed on the court of her father and brother Robert II until 1092, when she left for Italy to marry Roger Borsa, duke of Apulia. She acted as a regent for their son William II at the death of Roger Borsa from 1111 until he came of age. Her son by the first marriage, Blessed Charles the Good, was Count of Flanders from 1119 to 1127.


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