Queue jump

Queue jump

A queue jump is a type of roadway geometry typically found in bus rapid transit systems. It consists of an additional travel lane on the approach to a signalised intersection. This lane is often restricted to transit vehicles only, though some variations may permit bicyclists, mopeds, and/or motorcycles. The intent of the lane is to allow the higher-capacity vehicles to cut to the front of the queue, reducing the delay caused by the signal and improving the operational efficiency of the transit system. A queue jump lane is generally accompanied by a signal which provides a phase specifically for vehicles within the queue jump. Such a signal reduces the need for a designated receiving lane, as vehicles in the queue jump lane get a "head-start" over other queued vehicles and can therefore merge into the regular travel lanes immediately beyond the signal.

As mentioned above, some queue jump lanes permit vehicles such as bicycles to use the lanes. The purpose of such a policy is to encourage would-be motorists to opt for bicycles, for example, in lieu of their personal cars. In some cases, users of small vehicles may use the queue jump lanes to bypass the regularly queued traffic, at which point the vehicle can then maneuver back into the regular lanes at the front of the queue. Such a scheme is commonly found in London, England. Increasing utilisation of smaller vehicles can reduce the required headway for vehicles, subsequently increasing the densities and therefore capacities supportable by the roadway, and ultimately increasing the overall efficiency for all users of the system.

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