Bayan (accordion)

Bayan (accordion)

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classification=Free-reed aerophone
range=Right-hand manual:The Russian bayan and chromatic button accordions have a much greater right-hand range in scientific pitch notation than an accordion with a piano keyboard: five octaves plus a minor third (written range = E2-G7, actual range = E1-C#8). [Ricardo Llanos and Inaki Alberdi, "Accodion for Composers" (Spanish publication: 2002), 2-5). ]

Left-hand manual
*Stradella bass system
*Free-bass system
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articles=Accordion, Chromatic button accordion, Bayan, Diatonic button accordion, Piano accordion, Stradella bass system, Free-bass system, Accordion reed ranks & switches
The bayan ( _ru. баян) is a type of chromatic button accordion developed in Russia in the early 20th century and named after the bard, Boyan. It differs from western chromatic button accordions in some details of construction:
*Reeds are broader and rectangular (rather than trapezoidal).
*Reeds are often attached in large groups to a common plate (rather than in pairs); the plates are screwed to the reed block (rather than attached with wax).
*The melody-side keyboard is attached near the middle of the body (rather than at the rear).
*Reeds are generally not tuned with tremolo.
*Register switches may be operated with the chin on some larger models.
*The diminished seventh chord row is shifted, so that the diminished seventh G chord is where one would expect the diminished seventh C chord in the Stradella bass system.
*Converter switches to go from standard pre-set chords to free bass (individual bass notes) are common on the larger instruments.
*Newer instruments may feature a register, where every tone played actually produces a perfect fifth.

title=Sonata F-dur K.107 L.474
description= [ Yuri Medianik] playing a piece by Domenico Scarlatti on a free-bass bayan accordion. - 460 KB.
sample box endThe differences in internal construction give the bayan a different tone color from western instruments, especially the bass has a much fuller sound. Because of their range and purity of tone, bayans are often the instrument of choice for accordion virtuosi who perform classical and contemporary classical music. The composer Sofia Gubaidulina wrote several pieces for bayan and stringed instruments.

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*Cherkasky, L. - Ukrainski narodni muzychni instrumenty // Tekhnika, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2003 - 262 pages. ISBN 966-575-111-5

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