In Greek mythology, Parthenopeus (or Parthenopaeus; English translation: "son of a pierced virgin") was one of the Seven Against Thebes and the son of Atalanta and Hippomenes, Meleager, or Ares, or perhaps the son of Talaus. Promachus was his son. Hyginus writes that he was exposed by his mother on Mount Pathenius, so that she would be thought a virgin. He was rescued by a shepherd, along with Telephus, the son of Auge and Heracles, and the two boys were good friends. Parthenopeus went with Telephus to Teuthrania, where he helped him repulse Idas's invasion of the kingdom. Parthenopeus was killed while attacking Thebes, by Periclymenus, Amphidicus, or Asphodicus. [Virgil, VI, 480.]


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