Array system

Array system

The Array system is a way to rearrange the pattern by which the notes are positioned on a wide variety of musical instruments, including a patented MIDI controller. The Array system is derived from the circle of fifths.


The Array system is isomorphic, meaning that each chord or scale can be played with the same fingering pattern regardless of the key signature or range one is playing in. In addition the Array system is uniquely unimorphic, meaning that all the notes of any given key signature will be unified into a single area that excludes notes outside that key signature. Other types of chromatic musical instrument are not unimorphic in part because they are based on a single dimension, they are linear in nature. Array instruments are able to be unimorphic in part because they are based on 2 dimensions, they are planar in nature. Linear instrument design is ideal for monophonic music (one note at a time only). Planar instrument design is ideal for polyphonic music (more than one note at once). There is only one unimorphic planar system, and that is the system employed on the array mbira.

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