Infobox Album
Name = E-Pocalypse!
Type = EP
Longtype =
Artist = Kids In Glass Houses

Released = 9 October 2006
Genre = Indie rock, pop rock
Length = 15:04
Label = Long Wave
Producer = Romesh Dodangoda
Last album = "Trust Issues with Magicians" (2005)
This album = "E-Pocalypse!" (2006)
Next album = "Smart Casual" (2008)

"E-Pocalypse!" is the debut EP released by Welsh rock band Kids In Glass Houses. The EP was released independently by the band from 9 October 2006 and was sold through their online merch store and at shows. The EP is now out of print, having sold its last few copies during Summer 2007.

Aled Phillips has stated that lyrically the EP is quite close to familiar grounds. In an interview about the EP, he has stated that primarily the concepts dealth with involve sex, drugs, betrayal, friendship, and small town life. Also specified is that single "Me Me Me" is about growing up in a narrow-minded, secular community, that is a little too set in its ways and the unspoken fear of progress, and taking to things that are deemed a little alien or foreign.

Track listing

All tracks written by Aled Phillips, Aled Rees, Joel Fisher, Andrew Shay and Philip Jenkins unless otherwise stated. All lyrics by Aled Phillips.

# "Telenovela" - 2:50 (Aled Phillips/Earl Phillips/Philip Jenkins)
# "Me Me Me" - 3:19
# "Easy Tiger" - 3:31 (Aled Phillips/Earl Phillips)
# "Raise Hell" - 3:50 (Aled Phillips/Earl Phillips)
# "Historia" - 2:54

Promo track listing

Shortly before its release, a promo of the album was created, and can now be found on site such as eBay or at independent record stories. However, the promo is quite rare. The track listing is as follows:

# "Me Me Me" - 3:30
# "Easy Tiger" - 3:36
# "Historia" - 2:56
# "Raise Hell" - 3:51

The track listing did not include "Telenovela", which was added to the final cut later on in production. The printing on the CD has two mistakes on it also. The first mistakes is the times of the tracks, which displayed them differently to what they actually are. The second mistake is that "Historia" is shown as Track 4, and "Raise Hell" is shown as Track 3, whereas they are the other way around.

Cover art

The cover art for the album, as well as the album sleeve, was designed by Vocalist Aled Phillips. The artwork also features the band's trademark flamingo design in places. The artwork also contains a recurring theme of tigers, much like the one shown on the front cover.


Vocals: Aled Phillips
Guitar: Aled Rees & Joel Fisher
Bass: Andrew Shay
Drums: Philip Jenkins
Keyboard on "Raise Hell" and "Easy Tiger": Romesh Dodangoda
Shakers & Tambourines on "Me Me Me", "Easy Tiger", "Raise Hell" and "Historia": Romesh Dodangoda

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