Taxobox | name = Katuali
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Chordata
classis = Reptilia
ordo = Squamata
subordo = Serpentes
familia = Hydrophiidae
genus = "Laticauda"
species = "L. schystorhyncha"
binomial =
binomial_authority = (Schneider, 1799)

The Katuali ("Laticauda schystorhyncha") is a sea snake that is found only in the waters of the Pacific Island nation of Niue, and grows up to 1 meter in length. And it is highly venomous, making it one of the most dangerous creatures on the planet. [ [http://www.kingsnake.com/toxinology/intro.html Homepage ] ] [ [http://perso.orange.fr/hibiscustour/fondoc-b.htm fondoc b ] ]


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