Chiho Saito

Chiho Saito
Chiho Saito
Born June 29, 1967 (1967-06-29) (age 44)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Manga artist

Chiho Saito (さいとうちほ Saitō Chiho?, born 29 June 1967) is a Japanese manga artist, most noted for the manga Revolutionary Girl Utena. In 1997, she received the Shogakukan Manga Award for shōjo for Kanon.[1] She is part of the Be-Papas manga artist collective.

Her debut work was "Ken to Madomoaseru" (The Sword and the Mademoiselle) in 1982. Her hobbies are dance, music, opera, and sumo.


  • Anastasia Club
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Waltz in a White Dress (円舞曲は白いドレスで Walts wa Shiroi Dress de?)
    • Magnolia Waltz (白木蘭円舞曲?)
  • One Day, While Meeting a Knight (ある日、ナイトに会ったなら Aru Hi, Naito ni Attanara?)
    • Take Me Away, My Dear Knight (さらフてわたしのナイト Saratte Watashi no Naito?)
  • Kanon (花音?)
  • First Girl (ファースト・ガール Fāsuto Gāru?)
  • Basilis no Musume (バシリスの娘 Bashirisu no Musume?)
  • Beautiful (ビューティフル Byūtifuru?)
  • Blue Apple Labyrinth (青りんご迷宮 Ao-Ringo Meikyū?)
  • Etoile Girl (エトワール・ガール Etowāru Gāru?)
  • Sunset Love (目を閉じて愛 Hi wo Tojite Ai?)
  • Honoka ni Purple (ほのかにパープル Honaka ni Pāpuru?, "A Hint of Purple")
  • Dream Ballet (星を摘むドンナ Hoshi wo Tsumu Donna?, "Pluck the Stars, Donna")
  • Ice Forest (アイスフォレスト Aisu Foresuto?)
  • The Flower Crown Madonna (花冠のマドンナ Kakkan no Madonna?)
  • A Love Story in Shepherd Mount (小羊印のるんぱっぱ Kohitsuji-jirushi no Runpappa?)
  • Place of Lovers (恋人たちの場所 Koibitotachi no Basho?)
  • Love Stories (恋物語 Koimonogatari?)
  • Angel Tattoo (天使のTATTOO Tenshi no Tattoo?)
  • Mo Hitori no Marionette (もう一人のマリオネット Mō Hitori no Marionetto?, "One More Marionette")
  • Wait for Me at the Opera (オペラ座で待ってて Opera-za de Mattete?)
  • Lady Masquerade (レディー・マスカレード Redī Masukarēdo?)
  • Lilac Nocturne (紫丁香夜想曲 LILAC NOCTURNE Shiteikō Yazōkyoku: Lilac Nocturne?)
  • The World Exists for Me (S&Mの世界 S&M no Sekai?, "World of S&M")
  • Key of Arabian Nights (千一夜の鍵 Senichiya no Kagi?, "1,001 Keys")
  • Bronze no Tenshi (ブロンズの天使 Buronzu no Tenshi?, "Bronze Angel")
  • Chat Noir no Shippo (シャ・ノワールのしっぽ Sha Nowāru no Shippo?, "Black Cat's Tail")
  • Silver Wolf (銀の狼 Gin no Ōkami?)


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