1965 in Northern Ireland

1965 in Northern Ireland


*January 14 - An Taoiseach Seán Lemass travels to Belfast for an historic meeting with the Prime Minister of Northern Ireland Terence O'Neill. First meeting of Prime Ministers in 43 years.
*January 21 - Nationalist leader Eddie McAteer visits An Taoiseach Seán Lemass in Dublin.
*March 18 - The Northern Ireland Minister for Agriculture, Harry West attends a meeting with his Southern counterpart, Charles Haughey, in Dublin.

Arts and literature



*Irish League::Winners: Derry City

*Irish Cup::Winners: Coleraine 2 - 1 Glenavon


January to June

*6 January - Esmond Birnie, Ulster Unionist Party former MLA and author.
*15 January - James Nesbitt, actor.
*26 January - Seán Savage, volunteer of the Provisional Irish Republican Army, killed by SAS soldiers during Operation Flavius (d.1988).
*10 February - Richard Orr, actor.
*20 February - Miriam Mone, fashion designer (d.2007).
*3 May - Gary Mitchell, playwright.
*7 May - Norman Whiteside, footballer.
*30 May - Briana Corrigan, singer.

July to December

*1 July - Jackie McKernan, discus thrower.
*20 July - Andy Black, poker player.
*24 July - Frank Mitchell, television presenter.
*22 September - Andy Cairns, songwriter and musician.
*10 November - Eddie Irvine, racecar driver.
*16 December - Noel Magee, boxer.

Full date unknown

*Mark Carruthers, radio and television journalist.
*Joe Ferguson, radio presenter.
*Brian Irvine, composer.
*Edwin Poots, Democratic Unionist Party MLA.
*Paul Seawright, artist.
*Jim Shannon, Democratic Unionist Party MLA.


*15 February - Sam Thompson, playwright (b.1916).
*Helen Waddell, poet, translator and playwright (b.1889).

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