Islamic Society of Britain

Islamic Society of Britain

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The Islamic Society of Britain (ISB) was set up in 1990 [ [ Islamic Society of Britain] . Last accessed April 15, 2008.] cite news|title=From scholarship, sailors and sects to the mills and the mosques|work=The Guardian|publisher=Guardian News and Media Limited |date=2002-06-18|url=|accessdate=2008-04-22] for British Muslims to promote Islamic values.

Along with their youth wing, The Young Muslims UK (YMUK), they bring together the youth, men and women from all social and ethnic backgrounds, and different schools of thought, for the benefit of all. As such, their membership largely reflects the diversity of the British Muslim landscape.

ISB welcomes all Muslims and non-Muslims, helping them understand Islam and live by its teachings and principles.

Methods of working

The Islamic Society of Britain directs its work into the following areas: Internally:
*Open and dynamic organisation
*Personal development of members- in outlook, Understanding, skills and character
*Facilitating spiritual progress of members

And externally:
*Promoting a deep awareness of Islam
*Social concern and engagement

Membership and structure

The Islamic Society of Britain is a nationwide organisation that has local branches in addition to a national guiding body, the 'Shura' - comprising of representatives from all the major sections of the organisation. The president and Shura are elected every two years by the membership. Annual Members Meetings provide a formal setting for members to feedback to the leadership, exchange views and opinions and help shape the organisation (although informally this is occurring all the time).

ISB is an organic body of Muslims with no hierarchial structure other than individual participation. Membership is open to all Muslims irrespective of gender, age or background.


The activities of ISB are held at local, regional and national levels. They encompass a range of events, which contribute to fulfilling ISB's aims and vision. These include:
*Islam Awareness Week
*Radio broadcasting
*Weekend spiritual development retreats
*Regional and national camps
*Lecture programs
*Study circles
*Dinners and social gatherings
*Jumu`ah (Friday prayer) provision at schools
*Sports tournaments
*And much, much more.

ISB also produces:
*Information leaflets
*Audio and video material

They run many national projects including:
*The Young Muslims UK
*Islamic Scouts of Britain
*Living Islam
*Islam Awareness Week
*Nasheed Extravaganza

The Islamic Society of Britain is an affiliate body of the Muslim Council of Britain [ [ Muslim Council of Britan] . Last accessed April 15, 2008.] .

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External links

* [ Islamic Society of Britain]
* [ The Young Muslims UK]
* [ Living Islam Summer Family Camp]

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