Provisional Government of Belgium

Provisional Government of Belgium

The Provisional Government ( _nl. Voorlopig Bewind; _fr. Gouvernement provisoire) was formed as a revolutionary committee of notables during the Belgian Revolution on September 24, 1830 at the Brussels City Hall under the name of Administrative Commission.

On September 26, the Administrative Commission assumed the title of Provisional Government, and two days later on September 28, it set up a Central Committee. This Central Committee proclaimed the independence of the "provinces of Belgium" on October 4, 1830. Afterwards, the term Provisional Government was increasingly used to refer to the Central Committee. Apart from the Central Committee, there also were Special Committees for War, Internal Affairs, Finance, Justice, Public Safety and Diplomacy.

The Provisional Government exercised both the executive and the legislative power until November 10, 1830, when the National Congress met for the first time. On November 12, it formally returned its powers to the National Congress, which subsequently decided to entrust the executive power to the Provisional Government. It was dissolved on February 25, 1831 after Baron Surlet de Chokier had been appointed Regent by the National Congress.

Members of the Provisional Government

*Charles Rogier (chairman, member from 25 september 1830-25 february 1831)
*Emmanuel van der Linden d'Hooghvorst, baron van der Linden d'Hooghvorst (member from 24 september-12 november 1830)
*Félix de Mérode, count de Mérode (member from 26 september 1830-25 february 1831)
*Alexandre Gendebien (member from 26 september 1830-25 february 1831)
*Sylvain Van de Weyer (member from 26 september 1830-25 february 1831)
*André-Edouard Jolly (member from 24 september 1830-25 february 1831)
*Feuillen de Coppin de Falaën, baron de Coppinn de Falaën (member from 24 september 1830-25 february 1831)
*Joseph Van der Linden (member from 24 september 1830-25 february 1831)
*Louis de Potter (member from 28 september-13 november 1830)
*Jean Nicolay (member from 25 september-10 october 1830)

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