SW postcode area

SW postcode area

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source=Statistics as at October 2006 [National Statistics, " [http://www.statistics.gov.uk/geography/downloads/NSPDVersionNotes.pdf Postcode Directory Version Notes] ", (2006)]
The SW (South Western and Battersea) postcode area, also known as the London SW postcode areaRoyal Mail, "Address Management Guide", (2004)] , is a group of postcode districts in south west London, England. The area originates from the South Western (SW1-10) and Battersea (SW11-20) districtsHMSO, "The Inner London Letter Post", (1980)] of the London postal district.


The postcode area originated in 1857 as the SW district. In 1868 it gained some of the area of the abolished S district, with the rest going to SE. It was divided into numbered districts in 1917. [ [http://www.postalheritage.org.uk/history/downloads/BPMA_Info_Sheet_Postcodes_web.pdf British Postal Museum & Archive] - Postcodes (PDF)]


The approximate coverage of the postal districts:

outh Western

The South Western district consists of the postcode districts SW1-10.HMSO, "Names of Streets and Places in the London Postal Area", (1930)] The SW1 postcode district is of very high density development and has been relatively recently divided into smaller postcode districts. Where districts are used for purposes other than the sorting of mail, such as use as a geographic reference and on street signs, the SW1 subdivisions continue to be classed as one 'district'. SW99 is a non-geographic postcode used for large businesses located in the SW9 postcode district. The South Western district includes postcode districts on both sides of the Thames.


The Battersea district consists of the postcode districts SW11-20.HMSO, "Names of Streets and Places in the London Postal Area", (1930)] It is entirely south of the Thames.

Adjacent areas

Places of interest

SW1 contains several distinctive postcodes:

* SW1A 0AA - House of Commons
* SW1A 0PW - House of Lords, Palace of Westminster
* SW1A 1AA - Buckingham Palace
* SW1A 2AA - 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury
* SW1A 2AB - 11 Downing Street, Chancellor of the Exchequer
* SW1A 2HQ - HM Treasury headquarters

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*List of postcode areas in the United Kingdom


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