List of people named Kaplan

List of people named Kaplan

This is a list of people named Kaplan

*Anatoli Lvovich Kaplan, Russian artist and painter
*Aryeh Kaplan
*Brenda H. Kaplan musician/music fund for children
*Bruce Eric Kaplan
*David Kaplan (radio)
*David Kaplan (author)
*David Kaplan (film critic)
*David Kaplan (philosopher)
*David L. Kaplan
*Drew Alan Kaplan, founder of DAK Industries
*Edith Kaplan, lead creator of a neuropsychological test battery.
*Fanya Kaplan, Russian revolutionary and attempted assassin of Lenin.
*Fred Kaplan
*Gabe Kaplan
*Gilbert Kaplan
*Irving Kaplan, MIT professor
*Kivie Kaplan
*Marty Kaplan
*Melissa Kaplan, musician/singer with Splashdown and Universal Hall Pass
*Melvin Kaplan, oboist and founder of the Vermont Mozart Festival
*Metin Kaplan
*Michael Kaplan
*Mordecai Kaplan
*Morton Kaplan
*Murat Kaplan
*Nathan Kaplan
*Perrin Kaplan
*Philip J. Kaplan
*Robert D. Kaplan, American journalist
*Robert P. Kaplan or Bob Kaplan, Canadian politician
*Robert S. Kaplan, business school professor
*Stanley Kaplan, founder of Kaplan, Inc.
*Steve Kaplan
*Viktor Kaplan, inventor of the Kaplan turbine
*Yisrael Mendel Kaplan
*Yildiz Kaplan a Turkish model and pop star

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