World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting

World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting

The "World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting" and the "World of Greyhawk Fantasy World Setting" are two closely related publications from TSR, Inc. that detail the "World of Greyhawk" campaign setting for the "Dungeons & Dragons" fantasy roleplaying game. The "Fantasy World Setting" was first published in a folio format in 1980, and is often referred to by fans of the setting as the "World of Greyhawk Folio"Citation| last =Johnson| first =Forrest| title =Review: World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting| journal = The Space Gamer| volume = | issue =33| pages =1| date =1980-11-01| year =1980
url = | doi = | id =
] or as the "1980 folio." The folio was supplanted in 1983 by the "Fantasy Game Setting" in a boxed set format, and is often referred to by fans as the "World of Greyhawk Boxed Set", or as the "1983 boxed set."

Both publications were authored by Gary Gygax and were the first stand-alone offerings to provide detailed, comprehensive information regarding the campaign setting. The 1983 boxed set provides the more detailed treatment of the two works, containing a 48-page "Glossography" and an 80-page "Catalogue," which significantly augmented the more limited 32-page "Gazetteer" from the 1980 folio version. Both publications included full-color maps of the Flanaess, the geographical area that defines the campaign setting.

etting updates

Although these are the original publications that outlined the "Greyhawk" campaign setting, many subsequent works have updated or modified the information contained in them. The most significant of these include:
* The 1988 hardback book "Greyhawk Adventures"
* The 1992 boxed set "From the Ashes"
* The 1998 sourcebook "" (winner of the 1996 Origins Award for "Best Roleplaying Supplement" [cite web| url=|title=Origins Award Winners (1998)| publisher=Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design| accessdate=2007-09-30] )
* The 2000 sourcebook "Living Greyhawk Gazetteer"


*Gygax, Gary. "The World of Greyhawk" (TSR, 1980), ISBN 0-935696-23-7.
*Gygax, Gary. "World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting" (TSR, 1983), ISBN 0-88038-344-5.

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