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"Wipeout Pulse" is a racing game for the Sony PlayStation Portable, sequel to "Wipeout Pure". [Ben Karl, "Wipeout Pulse"," "GamePro" 235 (April 2008): 40.] The game was officially announced on March 27, 2007 and was released on December 12, 2007 in Europe.

The game is set in the year 2207. Players take part in the FX400 Anti-Gravity Racing League, competing in various types of race at several race courses set around the world.


"Wipeout Pulse" is broadly similar to other games in the "Wipeout" franchise, and indeed to other racing games as a whole. The player drives futuristic hovering vehicles powered on a series of race tracks which they must navigate, and sometimes other vehicles to compete against. They are aided in this endeavor by the traditional "Wipeout" arsenal of weaponry (unguided rockets, guided missiles, plasma blasts, etc) and bursts of speed, both of which are gained by driving over special pads on the track; they are also allowed to choose between a number of different vehicles, each with their own handling characteristics. The game features electronic music and extraordinary visual and graphic design, two hallmarks of the "Wipeout" franchise; it also features downloadable content from the PlayStation Network, each containing a new vehicle and two new tracks, though only four have been released in Europe and are not yet available elsewhere in the world.

"Pulse" delivers a number of new variations on this basic formula: while the game only ships with 12 tracks, these can be driven both forward and backwards; the race's direction is marked by the suffix "White" or "Black" on the race's title (IE "Metropia Black") and may show subtle variations depending on wihch way they are driven. Certain circuits also have "Mag-Strips" on some portion of their trackage, which lock the player's vehicle onto the track and allow for roller coaster-esque loops, sideways U turns, waterfall-like sheer drops, and so on. It also completely revamps the standard method of game progression. Most racing games ("F-Zero", "Mario Kart", "Gran Turismo") present the player with a series of "cups" in which they must come in first while racing against opposition. "Pulse" players are instead challenged to complete "grids," a cluster of hexagons which represent a wide variety of tracks and race types: time trials; seven-lap "Best Lap" races in which the player attempts to achieve a particular lap time; single races against one opponent ("Head-to-Head" mode); single races against "seven" opponents ("Single Race"); multiple-track Tournaments (the cups of other games); "Eliminator" matches returning from "Wipeout 3"; and the "Zone" mode from "Wipeout Fusion", in which the player attempts to survive as long as possible in a vehicle whose speed is slowly but infinitely accelerating. Players can race against the computer, against other human players within range of the PSP's built-in wireless card ("Ad-Hoc" mode), and over the Internet via a wireless network.

The game ships with a number of extra features. Players can download up to 30 MP3 files onto their PSP's memory stick, which are then treated as an in-game custom soundtrack. Players can take screenshots of in-progress races at any time from the Pause menu. Players are rewarded for using the same team's vehicle over and over via the Loyalty system. Finally, players are able to create custom skins for any vehicle at the game's [http://www.wipeout-game.com central website] using a Macromedia Flash-based client, which can be downloaded to the PSP by the creator and/or the public at large.

Expansion Packs

"Wipeout Pulse", like its predecessor "Wipeout Pure", also has downloadable content packs which include new ships and tracks. These packs are available to download for a fee from the "Playstation Store".


* AG Systems
* Qirex
* Piranha
* Assegai
* Goteki 45
* Triakis
* EG-X "(New team)"
* Mirage "(New team, downloadable)"
* Icaras "(Downloadable)"
* Auricom "(Downloadable)"
* Harimau "(Downloadable)"


* Talon's Junction, set in an abandoned research park in Wales
* Moa Therma, on an island chain off the coast of Sicily
* Metropia, an urban circuit in New Kyoto
* Arc Prime, a circuit that runs around Seattle
* De Konstruct, in Geneva
* Tech De Ra, built upon the remains of a former hydroponic farm in Arizona
* The Amphiseum, a purpose-built stadium-like circuit in Las Vegas, Nevada
* Fort Gale, set around a weather research station on Gibraltar
* Basilico, an abandoned city apparently in Nova Scotia
* Platinum Rush, a circuit set in the parklands of a thawed and preserved Greenland
* Vertica, located in the Cayman Islands and similar to Moa Therma
* Outpost 7, a research and communications station built at the very top of the world in northern Finland

There are four downloadable tracks available in content packs. They are:

* Vostok Reef, set in an underwater seaport at Vostok Island
* Edgewinter, a circuit in the financial district of Edgewinter during a tropical storm
* Gemini Dam, located in Morocco
* Orcus, built in the subterranean networks below Alaska

Music Tracks

*Aphex Twin - Fenix Funk 5 (Wipeout Edit)
*Booka Shade - Steady Rush
*B-Phreak & Groove Allegiance - Break Ya Self (Wipeout Remix)
*DJ Fresh - X-Project (100% Pure Mix)
*Dopamine - Flat-Out
*Ed Rush, Optical & Matrix - Frontline
*Kraftwerk - Aero Dynamik
*Loco Dice - City Lights (Martin Buttich Remix)
*Mason - Exceeder (Special Mix)
*Mist - Smart Systems
*Move Ya! & Steve Lavers - Chemical
*Noisia- Seven Stitches
*Rennie Pilgrem & Blim - Slingshot (Wipeout Mix)
*Shlomi Aber & Guy Gerber - Sea of Sand (Wipeout Mix)
*Stanton Warriors - Tokyo
*Skream - Suspicious Thoughts

Critical reception

VG Reviews
1UP = B
IGN = 8.8/10
EGM = 8/10
Edge = 70/100
Critical reception of the game has generally been positive. On Game Rankings it was rated an average of 84% from 36 reviews while on Metacritic the game has scored 82% based on 40 reviews. [cite web|url=http://www.gamerankings.com/htmlpages2/938816.asp?q=wipeout|title=Game Rankings: Wipeout Pulse - PSP|accessdate=2008-02-23] [cite web|url=http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/psp/wipeoutpulse|title=Metacritic: Wipeout Pulse|accessdate=2008-02-23]

Overall, IGN found the game to be good scoring it an 8.8 out of 10 while also awarding it their Editor's Choice Award. The reviewer complemented the game for its great presentation, graphics and sound. However, the reviewer was disappointed with some of the gameplay noting, "The repetition of tracks is disappointing, as is the balance of weapons for AI and the lack of extras." [cite web|url=http://psp.ign.com/articles/851/851651p1.html|title=IGN: WipEout Pulse Review|date=2008-02-12|accessdate=2008-02-23] 1UP's review rated it a B. Although the reviewer himself was not a big fan of the Wipeout series, he notes that, "Wipeout Pulse truly does become a game for its fans ... if you truly love Wipeout, you're going to truly love Pulse." [cite web|url=http://www.1up.com/do/reviewPage?cId=3166172|title=Reviews: Wipeout Pulse|accessdate=2008-08-03|date=2008-02-12]

ee also

* Wipeout (video game series)
* Wipeout teams
* Wipeout Pulse expansion packs

External links

* [http://www.wipeoutpulse.com/ Wipeout Pulse Official Website]


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