Arctic Cooling

Arctic Cooling

Arctic Cooling is a Swiss maker of coolers for computer components, most notably heat sinks and fans.


Arctic Cooling's flagship product for GPU's is the Arctic Silencer graphics card cooler line. The cooler works by drawing cool air from within the computer case, passing it through a heatsink over the core chip, and then disposing of the heated air out the rear of the case, aiming to prevent circulation of hot air within the case. Arctic Silencers are produced exclusively for Nvidia and ATI graphics cards. Recently, Arctic Cooling has taken a turn away from exhausting the air out the back with the introduction of the Accelero X1 and X2 for Nvidia and ATI cards respectively.


Their Flagship CPU HSF is the Freezer series. The original Freezer 64 (for AMD CPU's) & 7 (for Intel CPU's) were developed into the Freezer 64/7 Pro series. In December 2007 Arctic Cooling announced a further upgrade, the Freezer Extreme. Unlike earlier designs, the Freezer Extreme fits all common CPU sockets. It's expected to go on sale in July 2008.

Fan design

Arctic Cooling has created a patented fan design which 'floats' the fan. This allows the fan to be quieter, but does not allow the fan to be mounted in the reverse position.


Arctic Cooling's products have received critical acclaim and numerous awards from various PC Hardware reviewers. Custom PC magazine in particular has praised Arctic Cooling's combination of high performance, low noise and low prices.

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