Storm (comics)

Storm (comics)

Storm, in comics, may refer to:

* Storm (Marvel Comics), a member of Marvel Comics' X-Men
* Storm (Don Lawrence), a Dutch science-fiction comic series and its protagonist
* Storm, a family in Marvel Comics, largely appearing in the Fantastic Four titles:
** Johnny Storm, also known as the Human Torch
** Susan Storm, also known as the Invisible Woman
** Franklin Storm, their father
** Mary Storm, their mother who died but is a character in "Ultimate Fantastic Four" [comicbookdb|type=character|id=3403|title=Mary Storm (Ultimates)]
* Crystal Storm, a Marvel Comics character who has appeared in the Fantastic Four [comicbookdb|type=character|id=780|title=Crystal Storm]
* Storm Boy, a DC Comics character [comicbookdb|type=character|id=6627|title=Storm Boy]
* Storm Curtis, a character who appeared in "Prize Comics" [comicbookdb|type=character|id=21457|title=Storm Curtis]
* Captain William Storm, a DC Comics character who appeared in his own eponymous title "Capt. Storm" and was member of the original Losers [comicbookdb|type=character|id=327|title=Captain Storm]

ee also

*Storm (disambiguation)
*Stormfront, a character from "The Boys"
*"Stormquest", a title from Caliber Comics
*Storm Shadow (G.I. Joe), a character from the G.I. Joe comics, who has his own eponymous series [comicbookdb|type=character|id=7965|title=Storm Shadow]
*"Storm Watcher", a comic from Eclipse Comics
*"Stormwatch" (comics), a Wildstorm title
*, the first of a series of graphic novels based on the book and film


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