London Underground rolling stock

London Underground rolling stock

UndergroundconnectThe history of London Underground's rolling stock is as complex as the history of the network itself. A wide variety of types have been operated, from the early days of steam locomotives and carriages through to today's electric multiple units. The different types used are listed here.

* Note: Stock shown in red has been withdrawn from traffic.

* For details of the numbering and classification systems used, see: London Underground rolling stock numbering and classification


* Steam locomotives — withdrawn by 1971
* Electric locomotives — withdrawn from passenger service by 1962
* Diesel locomotives — DL81-DL83 — withdrawn from service
* Battery-electric locomotives — still in service

Hauled Carriages

* Coaching stock — Former-BR coaching stock used for special-services on Metropolitan Line

Electric Multiple Units

Current Stock

Tube Stock

This is the general designation applied to the trains specially designed to run in the restricted space available in the tunnels used on part or all of the Bakerloo, Central, Northern, Piccadilly, Victoria and Jubilee Lines. The dimensions vary between individual designs but the common feature is the ability to run through a circular tunnel of approximately 13ft/4m diameter (the precise tunnel size varying between lines).
* 1900 Stock (Central London Railway Gate Stock, originally locomotive hauled coaches)
* 1903 Stock (Central London Railway Gate Stock)
* 1906 Stock (Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly Gate Stock)
* 1914 Stock (Bakerloo Lines)
* 1915 Stock (Central Lines)
* Watford Joint Stock (Bakerloo Lines)
* 1920 Stock (Bakerloo, Piccadilly Lines)
* Standard Stock (Standard tube stock design built 1922-34)
* 1935 Stock (Streamline Prototype)
* 1938 Stock (Bakerloo & Northern Lines) — withdrawn in 1988
* 1949 Stock (Bakerloo, Northern, Piccadilly Lines) — withdrawn between 1972 and 1978
* 1956 Stock (Bakerloo, Northern & Piccadilly Lines) — withdrawn in 2000
* 1959 Stock (Bakerloo, Northern & Piccadilly Lines) — withdrawn in 2000
* 1960 Stock (Central Line - Prototype) — withdrawn by 1994
* 1962 Stock (Central & Northern Lines) — withdrawn in 1999
* 1967 Stock (Victoria Line) — remains in service
* 1972 Stock (Bakerloo & Northern Lines) — remains in service on Bakerloo line
* 1973 Stock (Piccadilly Line) — remains in service
* 1983 Stock (Jubilee Line) — withdrawn in 1998
* 1986 Stock (Central Line - Prototype) — withdrawn by 1992
* 1992 Stock (Central and Waterloo & City Lines) — remains in service
* 1995 Stock (Northern Line) — remains in service
* 1996 Stock (Jubilee Line) — remains in service
* 2009 Stock (Victoria Line) — new trains under construction

ub-Surface Stock

This is the general designation (also known more simply as "Surface Stock") of the Underground trains constructed to width and height dimensions closer to those commonly used for railway vehicles in Great Britain, although in some cases (e.g. A60/62 stock) they slightly exceed various standard dimensions or clearances. They are used for services on lines which currently share, or have previously shared, use with non-Underground trains and where no section required the use of smaller diameter "tube" tunnels.
* A Stock (Metropolitan District Railway - Prototype)
* B Stock (Metropolitan District Railway)
* C Stock (Metropolitan District Railway)
* D Stock (Metropolitan District Railway)
* E Stock (Metropolitan District Railway)
* F Stock (Metropolitan District Railway)
* G Stock (later G23 and Q23 Stock) (District Line)
* H Stock (rebuilt B stock cars)
* K Stock (later Q27 Stock (District Line)
* L Stock (later Q31 Stock (District Line)
* M Stock (later Q35 Stock) (District Line)
* N Stock (later Q35 Stock) (District Line)
* O/P Stock (later CO/CP stock(Metropolitan Line) — withdrawn by 1981
* Q38 Stock (District Line) — withdrawn by 1971
* R38 and R49 Stock (District Line) — withdrawn by 1983
* T Stock (Metropolitan Railway) — withdrawn by 1962
* A60 and A62 Stock (Metropolitan Line (East London Line withdrawal are transferred to the Metropolitan Line for extra trains)) — remains in service
* C69 and C77 Stock (Circle Line) — remains in service on Circle and Hammersmith & City lines and Edgware Road-Wimbledon services of the District line
* D78 Stock (District Line) — remains in service
* S Stock (Metropolitan, District, Circle, H&C) — Due to enter service in 2011, being delivered in 2009.

Engineering Trains

* Departmental stock — Former units converted for various departmental roles
* Engineering stock

Digital Voice Announcer (DVA)

On London Underground, all but the A stocks have automated DVAs fitted.

The Sub-Surface Lines all share the same characteristics: style, format and voice.

The BVC lines are all voiced by Emma Clarke and share similar characteristics but in different formats. These lines additionally have some form of audio announcement when doors are closing whether it be "Please stand clear of the doors" (Bakerloo Line) or "This is a Central Line train to... (Central Line)

The JNP lines all use different voice over artists. The 1995 and 1996 are similar in style and they share the same "This train terminates at...." characteristic. The Piccadilly Line uses a different format altogether, "This is Green Park, change here for the Jubilee and Victoria Lines, this is a Piccadilly Line service to Cockfosters, please mind the gap between the train and the platform".

Stocks such as the 1967 have had to change some of the announcements recently to fit in with the new London Overground and St. Pancras International.

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