Song Yun-ah

Song Yun-ah

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Song Yun-ah (Born 7 June 1973) is a Korean model, singer and actress. She spent most of her childhood days in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do. She graduated with a Humanities Degree at the Hanyang University. Song, as an aspiring actress, made her debut in the 1995 KBS drama "age of individuality". She later became a well-known icon by co-starring in the MBC drama "Hotelier". Song is also part-time lecturer at the Korean Central Academy of Fine Arts. Her movie, "Face" is supposed to have already been completed somewhere around this August.


* Height: 169cm
* Weight: 48kg


* 1997: 1818
* 1998: Zzang
* 2000: A Masterpiece In My Life
* 2002: Jailbreakers
* 2004: Face
* 2006: Lost in Love
* 2006: Arang


* 1995: KBS Age of individuality
* 1997: SBS Over the Horizon
* 1997: KBS: Tears of the Dragon
* 1997: Legend of my Hometown-The Nine Tail Fox
* 1998: MBC: Advocate
* 1998: KBS Papercane
* 1998: Mr. Q
* 1998: MBC Love
* 1999: MBC Go! Heaven of Ours
* 1999: MBC The Street King
* 1999: CNZTV White Christmas
* 2000: SBS Love Story
* 2000: MBC NG Friends
* 2001: MBC Hotelier
* 2001: MBC I Love Bear
* 2002: MBC The Present
* 2004: SBS Into the Storm
* 2005: SBS Hong Kong Express
* 2006: MBC Noona (Elder Sister)
* 2008: SBS On Air


* 2004 SBS Drama Awards - Top 10 Popularity Award
* 2003 Best Supporting Actress, Jailbreakers, 40th Grand Bell Awards
* 2002 Best Dressed/Most Fashionable, Fashion Critics, Movie Actress Category
* 2002 Andrei Kim Beststar Awards, Movie Actress Category
* 2002 Best Supporting Actress, Jailbreakers, 23rd Blue Dragon Awards
* 2001 Nominee, Top Acting Award, Hotelier, MBC
* 2001 Best Actress, Hotelier, MBC
* 1998 People's Choice Award, Mr. Q, SBS
* 1995 Gold Award, KBS Supertalent Contest


* 분홍립스틱 (광복절특사 O.S.T)
* 그림자 (On Air O.S.T.)

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