Members of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, 2004–2008

Members of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, 2004–2008

This is a list of members of the Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly, as elected at the 16 October 2004 election.

Name Party Electorate Term in office
Andrew Barr [1] ALP Molonglo 2006–present
Wayne Berry ALP Ginninderra 1989–2008
Jacqui Burke Liberal Molonglo 2001, 2002–2008
Simon Corbell ALP Molonglo 1996–present
Vicki Dunne Liberal Ginninderra 2001–present
Dr Deb Foskey Greens Molonglo 2004–2008
Katy Gallagher ALP Molonglo 2001–present
Mick Gentleman ALP Brindabella 2004–2008
John Hargreaves ALP Brindabella 1998–present
Karin MacDonald ALP Brindabella 2001–2008
Richard Mulcahy Liberal/Independent/
RMCP [2]
Molonglo 2004–2008
Mary Porter ALP Ginninderra 2004–present
Steve Pratt Liberal Brindabella 2001–2008
Ted Quinlan [1] ALP Molonglo 1998–2006
Zed Seselja Liberal Molonglo 2001–present
Brendan Smyth Liberal Brindabella 1998–present
Jon Stanhope ALP Ginninderra 1998–2011
Bill Stefaniak Liberal Ginninderra 1989–1992, 1994–2008
1 Molonglo Labor MLA Ted Quinlan resigned on 21 March 2006. Andrew Barr was elected as his replacement on a countback on 3 April
2 Molonglo MLA Richard Mulcahy was expelled from the Liberal Party on 10 December 2007. Mulcahy served as an independent until August 2008, when he formed the Richard Mulcahy Canberra Party to contest the 2008 election.

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Preceded by
Fifth Assembly
Sixth Australian Capital Territory Legislative Assembly
Succeeded by
Seventh Assembly

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