Art critic

Art critic

An art critic is a person who specializes in evaluating art. Their written critiques, or reviews, are published in newspapers, magazines, books and on web sites. Art collectors and patrons often utilize the advice of art critics.

Typically the art critic views art at exhibitions, galleries, museums or artists' studios.

Professional art critics are expected to have a keen eye for art and a thorough knowledge of art history. Knowledge, however, provides no guarantee that a critic will know if a work of art, an exhibition, or an artist will stand out in history as "great".

Many now famous and celebrated artists were not recognized by the art critics of their time, often because their art was in a style not yet understood or favored. Conversely, some critics, called militant critics have helped to explain and promote new art movements — Roger Fry with the Post-Impressionist movement for example.

Some famous art critics

* Guillaume Apollinaire
* Andrew Berardini
* Clive Bell
* Charles Baudelaire
* Clarence Cook
* Félix Fénéon
* Roger Fry
* Clement Greenberg
* Edouard Jaguer
* Herbert Read
* Pierre Restany
* Barbara Rose
* Harold Rosenberg
* John Ruskin
* Brian Sewell
* Rafael Squirru
* Michel Tapié
* Karen Wilkin

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* Art criticism

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