French-speaking Quebecer

French-speaking Quebecer

Infobox Ethnic group
group = French-speaking Quebecers

poptime = 5,877,660 [ [ 2006 Community Profiles - Quebec] ] Mother Tongue Language
79% of Quebec's population

6,027,735 [ [ 2006 Community Profiles - Quebec] ] Language spoken most often at home
81% of Quebec's population
popplace = Quebec
langs = French
rels = Predominantly Roman Catholic
related = French Canadian, French, Acadians, Cajun, Metis, Franco-Ontarian, Franco-Manitoban, English-speaking Quebecer

French-speaking Quebecers (also Franco-Quebecers, or Francophone Quebecers; in French Franco-Québécois, Québécois francophones or Franco) are French-speaking (francophone) residents of the primarily French-speaking Canadian province of Quebec. Quebec is the only province where French is the unique official language, since English is not an official language in that province. The majority are French Canadian, but many immigrants also assimilate into the francophone majority in Quebec. They constitute the only majority French-language community in a Canadian province. New-Brunswick is the only other province in Canada where French (along with English) is an official language. In the past, Manitoba was also a province with an official bilingual status, but the death of Louis Riel eliminated that aspect.

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*French Canadian
*English-speaking Quebecer


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