Morphea (comics)

Morphea (comics)
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Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Atari Force vol. 2 #1 (January 1984)
Created by Gerry Conway (script)
José Luis García-López (pencils),
In-story information
Species Canopian
Team affiliations Atari Force

Morphea 6593AB-7, usually simply called Morphea (pronunciation: MORE-fee-ah), is a fictional character published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Atari Force (second series) #1 (January 1984).

Fictional character biography

Morphea is an alien from the Canopian race, born in a parallel universe near what is known as 'New Earth'. She joins the Atari Institute on 'Old Earth' and teams up with the likes of Christopher and Martin Champion. They work to defeat the villain the Dark Destroyer.

At one point, she assists in the theft of the spacecraft Scanner One, using her mental powers. She is judged by New Earth and was last seen rebuilding civilization on Old Earth.

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