Rush may refer to:

* Rush or thrill, sudden burst of emotion associated with certain chemicals or situations
* Rush, slang for nitrite inhalants, often used as a recreational drug
* Rush or formal rush, regulated period of new member recruitment for fraternities and sororities
* Rush plant or Juncus, grass-like plant of damp or wet soils
* A sudden forward motion.


* Rush (band), the Canadian rock band
** "Rush" (album), Rush's eponymous 1974 album
* "Rush" (Darude album), third album by Finnish DJ Darude
* "Rush" (Dean Geyer album), debut album from Dean Geyer
* "Rush" (Poisonblack single), single by the band Poisonblack
* "Rush" (Aly & AJ song), song by Aly & AJ
* "Rush" (BAD song), song by Big Audio Dynamite II
* "Rush" (The Pillows song), single by The Pillows
* "Rush", 1993 song by Depeche Mode from the album "Songs of Faith and Devotion"
* "Rush", song by MYMP from their album "Beyond Acoustic"
* "Rush!", song by UVERworld
* "Rush Rush", song by Paula Abdul
* Mahogany Rush, Canadian rock band led by guitarist Frank Marino

Film, television and video games

* "Rush" (1983 film), 1983 Italian science fiction film, directed by Anthony Richmond
* "Rush" (1991 film), crime film directed by Lili Fini Zanuck
* "Rush" (TV series), 1970s historical drama television serial produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation
* Rush (2008 TV series), an Australian police drama on Network Ten
* Rush (computer and video games), fast attack at the beginning of real-time strategy computer games
* Rush (Mega Man), robotic dog character in the Mega Man series
* "Rush" (video game series), arcade racing series
** "Rush" (video game), latest title in series for PlayStation Portable
* "Sonic Rush", game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series


* Rush (American football), tactic in American Football
* Rush (Australian Rules football), a tactic in Australian Rules football
* Chicago Rush, Arena Football League team
* Edmonton Rush, National Lacrosse League team



* Barbara Rush (1927- ), American actress
* Benjamin Rush (1745-1813), founding father of the United States
* Bobby Rush (1946- ), U.S. Representative from Illinois
* Bobby Rush (1940- ), American musician
* Brandon Rush (1985- ), Kansas basketball player
* Geoffrey Rush (1951- ), Australian actor
* Ian Rush (1961- ), Welsh international footballer and football Manager
* Jennifer Rush, American singer
* Joseph H. Rush (1911-2006), American physicist
* Kareem Rush (1980- ), NBA basketball player for the Charlotte Bobcats
* Matthew Rush (1972- ), American porn star
* Otis Rush (1934- ), American musician
* Richard Rush (1780-1859) , American statesman and son of Dr. Benjamin Rush
* Richard Rush (director) (1929- ), American film director
* Tom Rush (1941- ), American singer
* William Rush (1756-1833), American sculptor
* William Rees Rush (1857-1940), U.S. Naval officer

First name

* Rush D. Holt, Jr., U.S. Representative from New Jersey
* Rush D. Holt, Sr., U.S. Senator from West Virginia
* Rush Limbaugh, American talk show host


* Georges St. Pierre ("Rush") (1981- ), Canadian mixed martial arts fighter


* Rush Lake, Ontario
* Rush Lake, Saskatchewan

* Rush, Dublin

United States:
* Rush, Colorado
* Rush, Kentucky
* Rush, New York
* Rush, Ohio
* Rush Center, Kansas
* Rush City, Minnesota
* Rush River, Wisconsin
* Rush Springs, Oklahoma
* Rush County, Indiana
* Rush County, Kansas
* Rush Lake, Utah
* Rush River (Minnesota)
* Rush River (North Dakota)
* Rush River (Virginia)
* Rush Valley, Utah

Other uses

* Rush Medical College, Chicago, Illinois
* Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois
* Rush (Thorpe Park), 'Screamin' Swing' ride at Thorpe Park, Surrey, UK

See also

* Gold rush (disambiguation)
* Rush hour (disambiguation)
* Rushes

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