T4 or T-4 is used for various purposes as a designation, abbreviation or identifier:

* T4, the short name for Marc Miller's Traveller Published by Imperium Games, Inc.
* T4 (Tabular Timeline Tracking Tool), a Software tool for OpenVMS
* T-4 Atomic Demolition Munition, a small tactical nuclear bomb
* T4 (Channel 4), the weekend morning teen-aimed slot on Channel 4 in UK
* T4 (Microsoft), a text transformation technology developed by Microsoft
* T4 phage, a bacteriophage
* T4 slip, a form used in filing an Income Tax Return which indicates remuneration received and other deductions taken during the year. a Separate T4's are issued for each form of employment income earned in one calendar year in Canadian tax law
* Action T4, the codename for the program in Nazi Germany to systematically kill people with disabilities.
* G7e/T4, a Falke German torpedo
* Kawasaki T-4, a Japanese aircraft
* Sukhoi T-4, a Soviet aircraft
* Tatra T4, a 1967 Czekoslovakan tram
* Hellas Jet IATA airline code
* Normal space in topology
* Paris Tramway Line 4
* Thyroxine in endocrinology
* Terminal 4 of Madrid Barajas International Airport
* "Terminator Salvation", or most commonly known as "Terminator 4"
* in human anatomy :
** T4 spinal nerve
** Fourth thoracic vertebra of the vertebral column,
* a non-small cell lung carcinoma staging for a type of tumour
* The designation of the series IV Volkswagen Transporter van
* The Italian name for the high explosive RDX
* A group of Australian Telecommunications companies (representing Tell The Truth Telstra)

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