Richtfunkstelle Berlin-Frohnau

Richtfunkstelle Berlin-Frohnau

The Richtfunkstelle Berlin-Frohnau (Directional radio station Berlin-Frohnau) is a facility for directional radio services in Frohnau (a part of Berlin). Before the German reunification, the facility served as a directional radio link between West Berlin and West Germany.

It first used only an overhorizon directional link. For this link between 1970 and 1973 a 117.5 m high freestanding steelframe work tower was built. This tower was equipped with parabolic dishes of 18 m diameter for an overhorizon link to Gartow in Lower Saxonia.

From 1977 to 1979 a 358.6 m high guyed mast for conventional directional service was built. It carries on a platform aerials for directional services toward Gartow in Lower Saxony.

In a height of 300 metres there is a room for technical equipment measuring 4 * 5 metres. This room is the highest floor of all structures in the European Union.

Although the directional radio links to Gartow is no longer in service, both towers still exist.

Since 2002 there are test transmissions for DRM on the medium wave frequency 1485 kHz. Because non of the both towers is designed for use as aerial for AM transmission a long wire aerial on a 10 m high mast was built.

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