Escape (Choose Your Own Adventure)

Escape (Choose Your Own Adventure)

"Escape" is the 20th book in the Choose Your Own Adventure series, written by R.A. Montgomery. It was initially published in 1983 by Bantam Books. It joined "The Abominable Snowman", "Journey Under the Sea" and a number of Montgomery's Choose Your Own Adventures in the 2005 re-release of the series under its new publisher Chooseco LLC, which is owned in part by Montgomery himself. Upon the republishing it was renumbered as book 8th in the "new" series. It was followed by a sequel called "Beyond Escape!".

The book is 144 pages long and has 27 possible endings.In a far off dystopian future, the reader is on the run from a variety of forces who want to get their hands on secret plans held by the reader. The story opens by saying it is the year 2035, in which a combination of foreign invasions, terrorist attacks and civil wars have split the United States into three sovereign nations, Dorado, Rebellium, and Turtalia. Dorado is a totalitarian nation that is at war with Turtalia, whose government has continued the ideals of the US Constitution and the American republic. Rebellium is not mentioned that often except to say that it part of the Eastern Seaboard, it is in disarray due to haphazard warlordism, and though nominally allied with Turtalia, is too weak to offer any real help, despite the fact Dorado is also at war with Rebellium. After escaping from the Doradan maximum security prison, the reader is faced with variety of obstacles ranging from untrustworthy friends, to the pilot having a heart attack. Through the readers choices, the resolution is made clear and your home is saved… or not.

As is the custom for Choose Your Own Adventure, the story is told from the "You" perspective, placing the reader as the protagonist and giving them a new choice virtually every page until they reach an end, at which point they have either succeeded or met some potentially terrible fate.

The story has also been modernized to reflect the changes in technology. The V-22 Osprey is depicted on the new cover, in the story having been part of the Doradoan military.

Book Details

*Pages - 144
*Possible Endings - 27
*ISBN 1-933390-08-5

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* List of Choose Your Own Adventure books published by Chooseco

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* [ Choose Your Own Adventure Website]
* [ Chooseco corporate site]

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