Funk (surname)

Funk (surname)

Funk is a surname and may refer to:
* Aaron Funk, Canadian electronic musician
* Alan Funk, American professional wrestler
* Annie Clemmer Funk (1874-1912), Mennonite missionary in India, perished with the Titanic
* Casimir Funk (aka. Kazimierz Funk) (1884-1967), Polish biochemist
* Christian Funk (1731-1811), American Mennonite bishop and author; son of Henry Funck
* Dory Funk (1919-1973), American professional wrestler and father of Terry Funk and Dory Funk, Jr.
* Dory Funk, Jr. (b. 1942), American professional wrestler and wrestling trainer
* Franz Xaver von Funk (1840-1907), German church historian
* Fred Funk (b. 1956), American professional golfer
* Bishop Heinrich/Henry Funck (ca.1690-1760), German-American Mennonite bishop and author; ancestor of Joseph Funk
* Isaac Kauffman Funk (1839-1912), American editor, lexicographer, publisher, and spelling reformer
* Joseph Funk (1778-1862), pioneer American music teacher and publisher
* Michael Funk, Hockey Player
* Robert W. Funk a scholar on religion
* Stephan M. Funk, conservation biologist
* Terry Funk (b. 1944), American professional wrestler, also known as "The Funker"
* Tom Funk Major League Baseball pitcher with the Houston Astros
* Walther Funk (1890-1960), Nazi official and war criminal

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* Funk (disambiguation)
* Funke, Funcke

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